OSLF Success Stories

Thanks to your generous support of Orthodogs' Silver Lining Foundation (OSLF), the dogs on this page were fortunate to have all of the needed funds raised for their medical care, and they are on their way to healthier, more normal lives.


Funds are in!

Oliver's Photo Breed: Australian Cattle Dog Mix
Age: 9 months
Diagnosis: Detached ligament from a broken growth plate on left leg.
Treatment: Surgery
Estimate: $400-800
Amount Needed: $500
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

I found Oliver at an adoption fair one day. I fell in love with him as he lay quietly in his crate while the other dogs barked and jumped. I was told by the shelter that his back left leg had been broken in seven different places (they don't know how), but that he was past the pain and would just walk with a limp because it was never set correctly.

However, about two months after I adopted him, I took him in for routine care. The vet became very concerned with how much he favored the leg. He examined him and took X-rays and found that one of the breaks was through a growth plate and because of that the ligament had become detached.

He now needs surgery within the next month or so before arthritis sets in. They will put a fake ligament in and he should gain full use of the leg.

I recently moved and am also legally disabled. I'm working very part time right now and cannot afford this surgery. I cannot express how grateful I am for OSLF!! I literally danced for joy when I got the acceptance email! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Funds are in!

JJ's Photo Breed: Maltese
Age: 4 years
Diagnosis: Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Treatment: Surgery
Estimate: $1,250
Amount Needed: $1,250
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Hello, my name is J.J. My owner's name is Phyllis, and she is writing this on my behalf. It all started Thursday of last week when my friend, Sheba, and I were playing and running up and down the house as we do every day. I think I moved too fast or too awkwardly, which caused me pain in my back right leg. All night I could not sleep due to the pain, so my owner took me to the Vet's; that's when they told us that I tore an Anterior Cruciate Ligament and I need surgery to repair it because it won't heal on its own.

My owner asked the Dr. (how much for the surgery)? He said it would cost $1250. Then she asked if she could make payment arrangements. The Dr. said we could not but that we could apply for CareCredit. But mom knew she would not pass because she had claimed bankruptcy due to the slow housing market. She'd lost her business and was laid off from her job. Even after telling the Dr. her situation he would not agree to payments.

My owner went home and began to call every vet in the phone book and all of them said the same thing. Now my only hope for surgery is that good people who care about us companions would give a helping hand. I'm not worried because I know there are lots of good people. I just have to wait patiently. Anything will help, and I thank you from the bottom of my paws.


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Timmy's Photo Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Age: 4 months
Diagnosis: Broken ulna and radius, both front legs
Treatment: surgery including plates and screws
Estimate: $1400
Amount Needed: $1400
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group

Sniff......I'm Timmy. Me an' my brothers an' sisters were born to a lady who had our mommy. One by one, they all went away, til I was the only one left. So, when it was just me, the lady gave me to Animal Placement Bureau, in Lansing, Michigan.

They said - we're a rescue, and we'll help you find a home to keep you forever and ever! But'cha see...I didn't leave the place I was born much. Did you know that there are cars and trees and dogs and stores and STUFF out there in that great big world? And STUFF is loud and SCARY sometimes!!! But my foster mommy and daddy said it's OK, they're gonna help me learn not to be scared of stuff while I'm waiting for my forever home.

Well, my foster dad was holdin' me...and I got scared of something... and I LEAPED away! Didja know that 'lil fox terrier boys can't fly? I do now. It was a REALLY BIG OUCH! It hurt lots and lots.

So I went to the doctor, and the doctor said... it's a really big ouch 'cause it's a really big BROKEN! I broke BOTH bones in BOTH my front legs. He gave me medicine to make it be a little ouch instead of a big ouch.

Now I'm looking for help for the doctor to get me all fixed up. I promise to be a really good puppy, and I promise to 'member that fox terrier boys can't fly!


Funds are in!

Zoey's Photo Breed: German Shepherd mix
Age: 8 months
Diagnosis: Radial shortening and humeroradial incongruity with a carpus problem secondary to radial shortening.
Treatment: Attempt to correct with osteotomy and pancarpal arthrodesis, OR amputation
Estimate: $1,500 amputation, or $3,800 osteotomy
Amount Needed: $1,500 or $3,800
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

My name is Zoey Bear Menuto. I am a spayed German Shepherd mix that came into this world in mid-December 2007 to unfamiliar circumstances to my forever family; all they know is that I arrived at Pasco County Animal Control Services within weeks of my birth, severely malnourished. I was apparently abandoned. There, I was treated by Dr. Spencer, spayed on February 9, 2008, and put up for adoption two days later.

On February 12, 2008, a recent college graduate from the University of South Florida who put graduate school on hold while caring for her mother who is battling breast cancer, stopped by Pasco Animal Control and forever changed my life. She was looking, not for a present, but to adopt a soul in need of rescue to complete her family. You see, she had an eight-year-old boy who had grown up around cats. His mom is a volunteer with The Little Cat Rescue, and has always opened their house to cats in need. Cats, as great as they are, did not seem to want to retrieve the balls he would throw for them. Cats, as much as the little boy loved them, did not play the way little boys played. That's where I came into the picture to complete the circle of love in my forever family.

I quickly settled into life with my new family. They taught me how to go potty outside, how to sit and stay, and took me to the vet to get my shots. I even made friends with Tigra the female cat, and learned how to steer clear of Fluffy the cat when he is cranky. All was going well until the end of May 2008, when my mom noticed a slight limp and me favoring my right front paw. She carried me everywhere that week, making sure that I was not climbing or jumping everywhere.

Since I am constantly growing into a big strong dog, the fact that my right forepaw was shorter and thinner than my left front forepaw became quickly noticeable to my parents. Since my mom graduated with a degree in Biology with emphasis on anatomy and physiology, she immediately began searching Pubmed and related professional sites for a possible cause.

All the while, I continued to grow, but my front right paw did not. The whole time my family was trying to raise and save money for my initial visit with an orthopedic surgeon. My mom has a heart condition that prevents her from working or attending school regularly. Then, by the grace of God, she found the Orthodog Silver Lining Foundation. My mom and brother accompanied me to my first visit with Dr. Hay. Everyone there treated me so kindly, and was very nice to my mom as they told her my diagnosis and prognosis, as she was understandably upset and sad. My radius stopped growing in my right paw. The carpals, or wrist bones, also stopped growing, causing damage to my humerous and surrounding bones every time I take a step. My paw swells frequently and I cry because it hurts but I am still a puppy and want to play with my big brother.

The vet recommended amputation or an expensive surgery that offers no guarantee. My family does not want me to lose my leg, but they also do not want me to get arthritis and suffer through a long rehabilitation from the orthopedic surgery. I am part of a family who I not only need to be a part of, but they need me to be a part of.


Funds are in!

Pat's Photo Breed: Newfoundland
Age: 9 years
Diagnosis: TBD - extreme lameness in his right front leg
Treatment: To Be Determined
Estimate: $332 (x-rays)
Amount Needed: $332
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Pat's problem started very slowly. At first, I really didn't think there was a problem. I just noticed that sometimes when I took him out for a walk, he'd want to go back in right away. I thought, well, he just doesn't want to leave our little girl alone in the house. Or when, half-way through the walk he'd want to go back, I just thought he was slowing down a bit, or that he felt a little uncomfortable in the new neighborhood. Then he started limping on and off. But each time it would go away.

Since we are in such dire financial straights, I didn't take him to the vet then, plus it went away very quickly. Then one weekend, after I had taken him on a nice, long walk one evening, he was limping so badly the next day and it didn't go away, it got worse. I knew I had to to something.

I looked on the internet and they said I could give him aspirin. But it didn't seem to help. Finally, I got a small paycheck, not quite enough to pay for a visit, so I took him in to see Dr. Goeders. She said the problem was in his right shoulder but that she'd need x-rays to tell me what was causing it so she could treat it appropriately, and that x-rays could cost up to $332 dollars! Well, we had to go home then, not knowing what was wrong.

She dispensed some Rimadyl, which helped him to go out to releive himself. He is 130 pounds, so it's hard to even help him move around! She said no more walks, no trips to the beach or anything. I knew I had to do something quick to get those x-rays. That's when I found out about OSLF. It's our only hope.

I'm afraid we got caught in the real estate mess that's affecting the entire country. Our house is in foreclosure, we can't even sell it for what we owe, let alone what we paid. My husband, who is 60 now and who was working for himself before he lost everything, has not been able to find a job up here. And I am an R.N., who, because I haven't worked in 11 years (taking care of my child and elderly parents), haven't been able to work at a nursing job either. The only thing I've been able to do is nanny work while I look for something that pays better. I know we must keep trying and we will. Starting over at 50 is not easy but it can be done. However, I don't want to lose our dog, Pat in the struggle.

Pat is the most loving, intelligent pet I've ever had. He absolutely is devoted to our 5 yr. old little girl, Lauren. Wherever we are, his eyes are on her at all times. And she just adores him as well. She insists we take him everywhere, the park, the beach, even when we take her to nursery school, he comes for the ride! She loves dogs because of him. She loves to take him to the local dog park where he always goes into the water to play fetch the stick! He went with us there this past winter for sleigh riding. He was terribly excited and wanted to go down the hill each time with her. All the other children so loved seeing him there as well. Newfoundland dogs are known worldwide as "the nanny dogs", and Patrick is the King of them all. He is a doll, and I would do anything for him. I know he would do the same for us too.

So now, I'm asking my fellow dog lovers to help this beautiful, loving animal live a few more precious years with his beloved family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Funds are in!

Sierra's Photo Breed: Husky Shepherd mix
Age: 9 years
Diagnosis: Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture
Treatment: Surgical repair
Estimate: $3129 - $3308
Amount Needed: $3129
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Sierra is a husky-shepherd mix. She is 9 years old and in good health. I am not working due to an accident that happened to me about 2 years ago.

Sierra loves to run in the yard and play ball, however since she has had the knee problem she is not able to do this. She is on pain medication that makes her very sleepy. We have no young children of our own, however the child around us comes to play with Sierra. Since her knee is bad she does not even go out and play with the kids.

While she was outside playing ball she injured her knee, and now the doctor wants to do surgery to repair the knee. We are hoping to raise the money for the surgery so that Sierra can be the happy, playful dog that she used to be. It is heartbreaking to see her looking out the door at the kids, knowing she wants to go play and that she is in too much pain to do that.

She has problems with the knee giving out on her so we have to watch her very close when she goes out to the bathroom. She cannot run nor play the games that she used too. Any help that we can get to help our baby would be very much appreciated.


Funds are in!

Maiya's Photo Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 13 Months
Diagnosis: Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture and Medial Luaxating Patella on right rear leg
Treatment: Tibia Tuberosity Advancement Surgery
Estimate: $2600
Amount Needed: $1800
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Maiya is an approximately 13-month old American Pit Bull Terrier who was rescued from a woman just before she relinquished her to be irresponsibly bred for fighting-stock puppies. She was about 5 months old and had lived her entire life in a crate in a trailer, where she was not allowed to be walked or even tied-up outside. Her rescuer, a college student studying Veterinary Medical Technology, stumbled into her story after seeing a Free to Good Home advertisement. As a Pit Bull breed advocate, she always contacts those responsible for placing these ads to educate them on the inherent risks involved for all dogs, especially this breed, in re-homing pets this way. Once she heard what was about to happen, she rushed to Maiya's aid and became her new mommy.

Within just months of bringing her home and having her spayed, Maiya developed a significant limp from a congenital deformity that had allowed for the rupture of her Cranial Cruciate Ligament. Within weeks, she was limping on both back legs and was diagnosed with Bilateral CCL Ruptures, placed on indefinite cage-rest, and was finally admitted for her first surgery in January. The surgery failed, so after more weeks of 24-hour crate-confinement she went in for a second surgery to the same leg in late March. This surgery, too, failed, leaving her with only 60% use of that leg. At her recent consultation with her referral surgeon, she was diagnosed with moderate nerve damage in this leg. Nothing can be done for it without a high risk of causing more damage than she is currently affected by. We are left with only hope that she will get as much use from this leg as possible before the degradation becomes severe enough to necessitate possible amputation.

During this fight for her left leg, she has still been suffering with a CCL rupture in the opposite leg. To complicate matters further, her surgeon also diagnosed her with a Grade III Luxating Patella in this knee. She will now need an operation (TTA) in order to correct both afflictions at the same time. The TTA should result in as little further stress to her and her leg as possible by avoiding multiple operations on this leg as well.

Her care to-date has cost almost $2000, even after drastic discounts. She still walks with a hard limp, daily functions are painful for her, she must wear a belly-brace to be escorted to the bathroom, must be sedated and crate-confined 24-hours a day, and is unable to sit or lie down normally. Despite all she has been through in her young life, she has remained the happiest, most affectionate, tolerant little girl.

The TTA operation will cost at least an additional $2600, after the surgeons generous discount. Maiya and her mommy need your help and are actively seeking donations. Any amount you can give toward giving her the normal life she deserves will be greatly appreciated.


Funds are in!

Misty's Photo Breed: Lab mix
Age: 8 1/2 years
Diagnosis: Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture
Treatment: Traditional Surgery
Estimate: $1500
Amount Needed: $1500
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Misty is 8 yrs. and 5 mos. old. I look at her and still she looks like that puppy with blue eyes. Too young to be away from her mother, and rescued from people who cared about nothing! I saw them drag her around by her leash and legs I got the courage to go outside and take her from them. To my astonishment they did not care they were just going to get rid of her, give her away at the grocery store! Their stupidity was my gain, Misty has been there to help me.

Misty loves playing in the water, loves to play ball, funny part about playing ball though is she will fetch it, drop it in another location and make me go get it. Did I mention how smart she is? Misty loves to ride in the car and take walks.

We have been through many things together, and always I see those big brown eyes making me feel special and loved. Misty is my companion dog, little did I know then how much I would need a companion. I never leave or go anywhere without her and she helps me when I have severe anxiety attacks. Though not a registered service dog, Misty does perform some duties. We taught her to speak when my cpap (sleep time breathing machine) alarm goes off. When someone comes to the door, she runs to my side. Misty was also allowed to take my driving test with me, I got my license at an older age! Misty has had basic training, Good Citizenship Training, and personal training to adhere to my lifestyle and needs!

Misty had been limping on her right back leg a few days so we took her to the vet to get checked out. Basically rest and pain meds for her leg. A few days after that visit, Misty ran across the yard and was holding the same leg in the air not using it. We were not sure what had happened. I called the vet told them what we were seeing and they said wait a day or so and see what happens, and have her stay off the leg as much as possible. The next day her leg sort of turned in and she truly did not want to place any weight on it. We again called the vet and brought her in immediately to be seen. Misty was diagnosed with an anterior cruciate ligament tear in her right rear leg. This meant surgery that costs much more than we could afford. But this is my baby girl, my companion and I could not let her suffer!

We had no lump sum to be able to pay up front, our income was set by SSDI for my husband and I am working on getting my SSDI for my disabilities. Misty is helped in and out of the house to go potty, I make her food and feed her, bring her water, administer meds. I do everything I can to help her stay off the leg for fear the other leg may tear because of the pressure on the good leg! I know she is in pain still, even with the meds. A towel goes under her belly to help her go in and out of the house. I love her, we love her, and we will do the best we can to get her what she needs!


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Piper's Photo Breed: Greyhound
Age: 4 Years
Diagnosis: Central Tarsal Fracture in the Left Hind Leg
Treatment: Surgery
Estimate: $4000
Amount Needed: $1000
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Piper is a 4 year old retired greyhound. I got him in October 2007. He came to me recovering from a fractured right hind leg, the result of a racing injury. His track history can be looked up on Greyhound Database.com under his racing name, BM Lumpy! He is extremely sociable, loves peanut butter, and lives for his squeaky balls! He loves hiking and can often be found in the assumed greyhound sleeping position with his legs floating above him. He has been a wonderful addition to the family and the perfect companion for me and my IG, Bocelli.

On May 19th, Piper was playing with his squeaky ball, and he turned tightly to bring it back to me. Suddenly he started a terrifying, high pitched yelping. He was in extreme pain. I went running to him and he would not use his left hind leg. I immediately rushed him to the emergency clinic.

After waiting at the clinic for 4 hours the veterinarian finally came in to greet me. She said that after reviewing the radiographs she did not see a fracture. She sent Piper home with an anti-inflammatory and and a bloated bill and told me to make an appointment with my own vet in 3-5 days. We finally arrived back home that night. I made Piper as comfortable as possible. I covered the living room floors with all his comfty dog beds and moved his water and food bowls right next to him so that he didn't have to move at all. Piper's friend Bocelli kept close watch over his injured buddy. I slept fitfully in the living room, jumping every time Piper moved.

Each time I got up to check on him I watched in horror as the limb swelled to unnatural proportions. Overcome with fear and concern, I stayed home from work the next day so that I could monitor his condition. It was during this time that I grew increasingly alarmed and became skeptical that my good friend had been diagnosed properly. I made an appointment with my own vet for later that day. My own vet was out and a replacement vet told me he couldn't be sure if the leg was fractured because he did not have access to the orginal radiographs.

I began contacting all of the Greyhound adoption organizations in my area to find a vet that knew greyhound bones and breaks. I was referred to Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center. The orthopedic surgeons there work with Greyhound Rescue and Rehab and help fix some of the dogs that come in off the track. I was so grateful and got the chance to speak to many wonderful greyhound lovers!

On May 24th, the veterinarians at KB examined the original radiographs and indeed found a central tarsal fracture in Piper's left hind. Surgery was recommended. Poor Piper had gone 6 days with a fractured leg! Piper would appreciate any assistance to help with the cost of this surgery. Thanks and greyhound kisses.


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Sadie's Photo Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 14 Months
Diagnosis: Two very badly fractured limbs, severed tail, concussion (hit by a train)
Treatment: Surgical plating of two fractured limbs, tail amputation and spay
Estimate: $2100-2700
Amount Needed: $1000
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group

This Friday, Mississippi Valley German Shepherd Dog Rescue (MVGSDR) received a call from a local vet specialty office about a dog who was hit by a train the previous Sunday. She was located about an hour away and her canine companion was killed on impact. His body had been severed.

Sadie was thrown off the track by the train. Sadie suffered a concussion and two very badly fractured limbs. At the time of the initial evaluation, she had chest contussions and trouble breathing. The original clinic stabilized her, and worked with the owners to try to get the dog treated appropriately. For several days, they could not make a decision.

Sadie's vet contacted an orthopedic specialist in Davenport, IA and she was transferred on Thursday, 5/8/08. The owner gave up ownership, and the vet clinic went on a mission to find a guardian for her. The clinic did not want to euthanize her, but time was getting short, given her condition. This is when the office called MVGSDR. I agreed to see her, and what I saw melted my heart. This girl was in terrible pain but she lifted her head and her paw to touch me. We 'chatted' for awhile and she went to sleep. Sadie was shocky but once she was evaluated it was determined that she was a good surgical candidate.

I gave the go-ahead to treat Sadie and agreed to accept her into our program. We immediately contacted OSLF for emergency help. The kind vet clinic staff clocked out, and began working on her as their donation to help Sadie.

Sadie's now-former owners had waited five days to get treatment, and rotting flesh and infection had already started by the time she made it to Davenport. Her tail was hanging by a thread, partially severed by the train, and the necrotic portion had to be amputated. Both fractured legs were plated and pinned. Her muscles were so contracted from the extended time she went without treatment, that surgery took much longer than expected. The staff clocked out and worked on her for over six hours.

In a very short time, Sadie has acquired quite a following of loyal fans, all because she is such a survivor and a sweet innocent dog. She never resists care and seems to know we are all here to help her. Sadie won the hearts of the staff with her sweet disposition, even in terrible pain. She has offered her paw and head for petting, and looks of appreciation in her eyes. She is already walking with help. Her prognosis is excellent for a full recovery.

The wonderful vet clinic staff has been clocking out and donating their time, and the vet donated his surgical care, all to help Sadie get the treatment necessary to save her life. But Sadie's treatment is still very expensive, with many weeks recovery time, and as a non-profit, no-kill rescue group, MVGSDR always has many demands on their resources.


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Stoney's Photo Breed: Basset Hound
Age: 1 Year
Diagnosis: Bilateral Luxating Patella
Treatment: Surgery
Estimate: $1500
Amount Needed: $1500
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Stoney is my 12 month old Basset Hound. He's the most loving, gentle, puppy you could ever meet. When I went to meet Stoney for the first time, it was love at first sight. I found this adorable sleeping ball of wrinkles curled up on a living room floor. My heart melted. I found myself falling more in love with this dog every day.

Stoney has no idea what personal space is. One of his greatest attributes is that he loves to cuddle. Even at 45 pounds he loves to curl up and sleep on your chest. I still think he believes he's a tiny puppy. Stoney does have a taste for the finer things in life. He spends hours sunbathing in the grass and he will go out of his way to find a pillow to rest on. We once caught him dragging a blanket across the room to make a little den with. Since we moved in together, he has taken my 6 foot beanbag chair as his own.

Stoney also enjoys playing at the dog park and moseying down the dog beach. He loves romping around with his friends. Stoney is also a "world class bee hunter". He instinctively takes the traditional hunting stance upon finding one.

Unfortunately, Stoney doesn't get to do his favorite things too often. It seems the odds are against him. Several commonly found basset hound birth defects have afflicted him. After only 3 months of having him he was diagnosed with premature closure of the growth plates in both front legs. These two surgeries happened back-to-back and cost us $2000 each. Immediately after this recovery he was hospitalized for food intolerance. His latest diagnosis is patellar luxation in both hind legs, and he just had corrective surgery on the right hind leg. So, he is currently recovering from his third surgery and is awaiting the 4th. We have maxed out our credit cards and taken out a loan helping him. Unfortunately, our efforts aren't enough. Without help we will not be able to keep our friend.

Miss Cassie

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Cassie's Photo Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Age: 15 years old
Diagnosis: Chronic arthritis
Treatment: Acupuncture
Estimate: $400 for first month of treatment
Amount Needed: $400
Fund: Silver's Cause Service Dog

I acquired Miss Cassie through unique circumstances. It seemed as if I had been spending more time in the hospital then out of it. After a five week hospital stay, I was being encouraged by my doctors to move into a board and care. Fortunately, I had a case manager who knew about service dogs and felt this was the better solution. I contacted every agency I could find but those that trained suitable service dogs had long waiting lists. I needed a service dog and I needed one then.

What I needed was a dog who could, when I become disoriented from severe migraines which interfere with my vision or I dissociate, track me back to the people I am with — the business' door, a place to sit, my car, my apartment, etc. The dog also had to be able to wake me up if one of my migraines caused me to pass out, keep me from walking into traffic, block people from getting into my space, and more. In many ways, she had to become my second pair of eyes.

In 2003, I was told that there was an eleven year old cocker spaniel at the Sacramento SPCA whose life work was that of a service dog. Unfortunately, she had ended up at the SSPCA when her handler had died and a neighbor turned her in. I was very skeptical because of Cassie's age, but when I met her, I saw a depressed yet energetic and passionate dog. She knew the tasks I needed, and after meeting with her several times in a variety of environments, she became my fearless cohort.

Cassie has taught me more about service dogs than any young, freshly trained dog could ever do. Cassie had seen everything, done everything, and is trustworthy in every situation — she walks in, head held high, with the confidence that only comes from time and experience. Cassie has been my constant companion. Because of her, I have been able to move into my own apartment. She has flown to Boston with me so I could attend an educational conference, and to Chicago so that I could spend a month in a specialty hospital. Until 2007, if I was there, she was there. She has cut my hospital visits in more than half and has also decreased my length of stay. She is the love of my life and has always been there for me. All I wish is to give back to her what she has given me — the world.

Cassie has already received two acupuncture sessions — the first was donated, and the second I paid for. She showed extremely promising results from these. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to continue them. She receives weekly Reiki and sometimes Vortex or Bowen Therapy (donated by the practioners), and this helps her tremendously. I believe that it is only because of these sessions that she is still alive.

This last year I have learned how much it takes a community to keep one very special dog alive. If people had not been so generous with their help, Cassie would no longer be here, curled at my feet while I type this. I believe it is my job to make the rest of her life as comfortable and pain free as possible. I know that she has done this for me. Cassie has given me the world, but I live on disability and cannot afford to give her the world back. Any and all help you can give Miss Cassie so that she can remain comfortable and have her life extended would be very much appreciated. Please join the community that has come together to keep Cassie as comfortable and health as possible.


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Emma's Photo Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 6 Months
Diagnosis: Bilateral Hip Dysplasia
Treatment: Triple Pelvic Osteotomy
Estimate: $3000
Amount Needed: $1000
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Emma is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd, who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips. She has only been with us for about three months.

I know that when I met Emma she had a guardian angel looking after her. Emma and I were meant to find each other. When I first met Emma I was in a petstore looking for toys for my other dog Duke. I was chatting with a clerk about him and he said they had a female in the back. Normally I wouldn't buy from a petstore but something made me go look at her. It was love at first sight. She was laying in her crate on her back sleeping. She sleeps with her legs in the air sometimes. I couldn't leave her in that place. She had loose stools from her food being changed so I had to wait a few days to take her home. I thought about her the whole time. That is how Emma became part of the family.

Then I started to notice things like how she sat strangely, and then she started limping. I was worried, so I took her to the vet and he recommended her for a triple pelvic osteotomy. We were referred to a surgeon who said the surgery will give her a normal life. She will be able to run, play, and be pain-free.

Emma is the most amazing puppy. She is so loving and attentive. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with herself. It is hard watching her want to be normal and run and play. Her exercise is restricted, so she gets bored. I know she is upset when our other dog Duke gets to go to the dog park.

Sometimes she overdoes it and has a bad night. Since the weather has gotten cold she is having more bad days than good. We were told that the surgery can only be done while she is a puppy.

Emma loves to blow nose bubbles in her water bowl, and when you come in the house she does a friendly growl. It is the funniest thing I ever heard. She is also learning manners. Her favorite thing is to have her belly rubbed. Sometimes she will lay in the grass and won't get up. I have so many things to say about Emma. We love her so much.

Please help emma be able to have her surgery. She is such an amazing puppy and has so much to give.

To help, click on the PayPal button below. Donations of any amount are always welcome.

Case Update

Emma's first hip surgery has been performed and paid for, and OSLF and IMOM are now fundraising for her other hip surgery. We are awaiting more details about when that second surgery will take place, and the estimated treatment cost.

Emma's owner writes: "Thanks to all the wonderful angels at OSLF and at IMOM, Emma was able to have her first surgery. She has had TPO surgery on her right hip, and has done beautifully. She feels better, but is now using the good hip to compensate for the other hip that still needs surgery. She has been on restricted activity since she was diagnosed, and now limps on the left side. With this surgery she will be able to live a normal life, and the chance of arthritis is slim. If she does get arthritis it will be in her old age.

I have asked for financial assistance because I dont have the funds to pay for Emma's surgeries on my own. Emma means so much to us and has made such a positive change in our lives. To know Emma is to love her, she really is an amazing creature."


Funds are in!

Gunnar's Photo Breed: Pitbull
Age: 10 Months
Diagnosis: Bilateral Severe Hip Displasia with poor Acatebular Development and Bilateral Luaxtions of the Femoral Heads
Treatment: Femoral Head Osteotomy
Estimate: $2460
Amount Needed: $1160
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

I am writing to share my story about my three amazing dogs. All three are Pitbulls and the friendliest dogs you could ever meet. I just wanted one dog but ended up rescuing three. I have Kayne who is 5, Myles who is 4, Gunnar who is 10 months, and my first baby due on June 5th. Myles has a bad case of allergies; he is just about allergic to anything and everything to the point where he scratches himself to bleed all over his entire body. Myles is on special food and special medicine which he will be on for the rest of his life which cost me about $150 a month, not counting the several times a year he goes to the vet when the itching gets really bad that he needs to be injected with cortizone.

To top this off, my puppy Gunnar started to have a hard time walking and moving. He actually started dragging his butt and just using his front legs. I just figured it was because he and my other dogs played too hard. It wasn't until he started staying up whining at night that I realized something was really wrong.

I took him to the vet, who sent me to a specialist, who diagnosed Gunnar with severe Hip Displasia, and Arthritis has already begun. In order for Gunnar to lead a normal, pain-free life, he will need a surgery called Femoral Head Osteotomy.

When I took these dogs in I promised I would give them the best life I possibly could, and I want nothing more than for Gunnar to have this surgery — but I just cannot afford it. The total cost of the surgery is around $3000. Please — any help would be so appreciated. Thanks for taking the time just to read my story.


Funds are in!

Tiki's Photo Breed: Lab Mix
Age: 3 Years
Diagnosis: Cruciate Ligament Tear
Treatment: Surgical Repair
Estimate: $3200
Amount Needed: $2500
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Tiki is a 3 year old black lab mix and one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I have ever known. She's so full of personality and loves everyone and everything. From collecting a mouth full of toys to greet people, going back and fourth through your legs when she gets excited, giving kisses any time she can...for as long as she can, to drooling unbelievably for just one Cheerio, Tiki is such a happy dog. At almost 90 pounds, Tiki still likes to think she's a lap dog and has no problem pinning you down when she's ready for a nap or when she just wants to cuddle.

Tiki was two months old when I adopted her from the Home FurEver Rescue. The first time I saw Tiki was at PetSmart, where she was up for adoption, and it was love at first sight. She was the cutest little ball of puppy I had ever seen.

A few months ago, Tiki was running through the backyard, chasing squirrels with her best friend Maddie, when she tried to turn quickly and lost her footing. She got up and headed back to the house on three legs, still as happy as could be. After keeping an eye on her for a few days, we realized Tiki was not getting any better. I took her to our vet and was informed that she had torn her crucial ligament in her left rear leg. Our vet referred us to a specialist and put Tiki on antinflammatories. As much as this injury hasn't changed Tiki's love for life and people, we all know that she's in pain and wishes she could still run around, chase squirrels and play with her best friend Maddie like she used to.

For the past few months now, she has been unable to use her rear left leg and is showing signs of muscle deterioration. After numerous vet appointments it was determined that Tiki needed surgery to fully recover from her injury. Besides needing a TPLO, Tiki also needs surgery to repair her kneecap. Due to all the swelling in her knee, her kneecap is now stuck out of place. Tiki means so much to me and my family and it really breaks our hearts to see her in this condition. Just looking into her sweet, loving, lab puppy eyes, makes me want to cry sometimes. I wish that I had then means to handle this situation on my own but life takes unforseen turns and puts us in situations we hadn't planned on being in. It tears me apart that Tiki is suffering while all I want is for her to get better.


Funds are in!

Trixie's Photo Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Age: 5 Months
Diagnosis: Bilateral congenital elbow deformities
Treatment: Surgical fixation of the elbow joints
Estimate: $4000
Amount Needed: $2000
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

"Trixie", a crippled Sheltie puppy, needs your help to walk! We rescued and adopted this little girl with severe elbow deformities to give her some quality of life. The Virginia Veterinary Teaching Hospital at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia has organized a surgical team to do corrective surgeries starting on March 24th, 2008.

The cost is overwhelming, estimated at two thousand dollars per front leg. We are soliciting the community for donations and by the grace of God if there are any excess funds they will be used to help other needy pets in the community. I am a nursing aide on a geriatric ward and my wife is disabled.

We are currently doing range of motion excercises on Trixie's front leg muscles to keep them from contracting even more before surgery. Trixie is a beautiful active sheltie that cries when our other two Shelties go outside to play. Bear and Goldilocks protect and play with Trixie, but she wants so badly just to be normal and to go on walks with her adopted brother and sister.


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Trooper's Photo Breed: Labrador mix
Age: 6 to 8 months old
Diagnosis: Right foreleg broken just above elbow, accompanying infection
Treatment: Surgery -- repair, if possible, otherwise amputation
Estimate: $3300 for repair
Amount Needed: $1000
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group

Trooper and his brother, Lucky, were found Saturday night in a barn on our family farm. They had been seen a couple of times by a neighbor, but we had never seen them before. We have some feral cats at the barn that we care for, so we believe the puppies were hanging around the barn hoping to find something to eat. They had made a bed in the straw in one of the stalls of the barn,and we suspect they stayed there until we left.

We would not have found them when we did if Trooper had not been crying out in pain. The poor puppy was skin and bones, and severely dehydrated. It was evident that his front leg was broken and there were several open wounds under the shoulder that were clearly infected. Lucky was in fairly good shape considering all they had been through. He had been able to go out on the farm and hunt food, but Trooper was in such pain, he could not attempt to go find something to eat.

When we took the puppies to our house, Lucky would not leave Trooper's side . He had to be touching him, laying his head on him, and even licking his wounds. We truly believe that if not for Lucky, Trooper would have never survived the 13 degree weather we had experienced that week.

Trooper, despite all the pain he must have been suffering, was so sweet and wanted all the attention from us he could get. He felt so bad, and we did not think he would make it through the night, but when we walked into the room, he would wag his tail. I don't understand how or why people dump unwanted animals. The animals suffer greatly from this unthinkable act. How do they sleep at night knowing that the animal is starving, frightened, or possibly injured? Trooper is now staying at the emergency clinic so they can monitor him and to give him fluids and antibiotics. The vet said that he has a "raging" infection and they want to get that under control before they do surgery. Trooper has the will to live, so we are praying that nothing goes wrong to give him a set-back.

Trooper and his brother Lucky are being cared for by Knoxville Feral Cat Friends, a project group of the nonprofit Peaceful Kingdom. As their name implies, they more frequently work with cats, but are kindly taking these two boys on and will be sure they find wonderful permanent homes as soon as they are both ready.


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Bo's Photo Breed: Rottie/Shepherd Mix
Age: 4-1/2 years old
Diagnosis: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Treatment: Surgical Repair
Amount Needed: $700
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Bo is a 4-1/2yr old, Rottie/Shepherd Mix that we rescued when he was a puppy, along with his sister. They were left in a box, along with their other siblings on Labor Day Weekend, in the rain by someone who obviously is HEARTLESS!! They were lying in their own feces and squished in a box. My sister and friend took Bo's other two sisters because we didn't have the heart to leave any of them and wanted to be able to keep them close to play and grow up together.

Bo is a very loving, sensitive dog and often referred to as a "gentle soul". He is very close to his sister, Sasha, as well as his other two sisters and always let them go first outside or to get a drink of water. He is just very sweet and loving and is loved very much.

Bo needs surgery to fix a torn ligament in his knee. He has been limping and holding his knee up since right after Thanksgiving. I was hoping that he just sprained his knee and it would get better, but it hasn't. He isn't able to run and play with his siblings like he wants to and it's very sad. He has to be put on a lead so he doesn't run and injure himself even more, even though we have a fenced yard. He isn't able to get the exercise or play like he needs to as a normal dog. He loves to sleep in my bed which is upstairs and tries to climb up and can't, so he usually just sleeps along side me on the floor.

He sometimes whimpers in pain when he tries to do too much and I just snuggle with him and massage his leg and knee and tell him that I'm doing the best that I can and we will some how find the money needed to get his surgery that he so desperately needs. We didn't have pet insurance and I haven't been able to qualify for a credit card, so I'm at a loss of how we can give Bo the surgery that he needs so he can live a happy, active life. We need help, Bo needs help.... If any of you can help, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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Toby's Photo Breed: Brittany Spaniel
Age: 8 years old
Diagnosis: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture
Treatment: Surgical Repair
Amount Needed: $800
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group Fund

Toby came in to NBRAN as a foster dog with an ACL injury requiring surgery. How Toby was injured is unknown.

Toby is a sweet 8 year old male Brittany. He loves people and just is a pleasure to have in foster. Toby loves to point birds and rabbits. He is great playing Fetch. We would love to see him be able to do these activities without pain.

National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a network of caring and dedicated volunteers who have a deep passion for dog rescue and specifically the homeless Brittany, affectionately called a "Britt." Currently we have 147 foster Brittany's in our organization, awaiting forever homes.

NBRAN has had a high number of heartworm positives, 2 intra hepatic liver shunts, and $7000 worth of medical bills related to parvo. We have applied for financial assistance from OSLF for the cost of the ACL Surgery.


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Grayson's Photo Breed: Mixed
Age: 7 years old
Diagnosis: Bilateral Cranial Cruciate Ligament Ruptures
Treatment: Surgical Repair
Amount Needed: $700-1344
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Grayson is our dog and family member. He is a protector to my wife, a companion to the children, and a friend that loves everyone unconditionally.

My wife brought him home from our local animal shelter when he was approximately 4 months old. He had been abused and it took years to undue what had been done to him during those 4 months before we adopted him. He is now seven; November is his birthday month.

We cannot pay for the vet bill to fix our Grayson. Grayson needs bilateral cranial cruciate rupture surgery. If we are unable to fix both knees we will have to put him to sleep. The vet says that the prognosis is great if we do the surgery, and do it within 3 months. We could not bear to see Grayson be crippled.

Grayson whines and whimpers and howls to go out and play with our children but for now we have to try to keep him still. With each step Grayson takes there is a horrible popping sound. He wants so much to play but if he walks around too much he is unable to get himself off the floor. Instead he lays there and whimpers, and we need to help him into a standing position.

My wife and I have a blended family with 5 children and just cannot afford the vet bill. The surgery will cost $2565 - $3207 and we have raised $1553; we still need $700. Please help our family. Thank you.


Funds are in!

Honey's PhotoHoney is a beautiful 1 year old Yellow Lab who had the misfortune of being the victim of a hit and run accident. Sadly, the person who hit Honey didn't even stop but rather left her for dead on the road.

Nobody really knows how long Honey clung to life in the middle of that road but it wasn't until one of the volunteers from Pets Haven Animal Rescue was driving by that anybody really cared enough to stop. The volunteer had merely stopped to move this poor dog off of the road when she realized that Honey was still alive.

The young dog, badly injured, was rushed to a nearby vet and the decision was made to try and save her. And save her they did. But during her treatment and recovery it was found that Honey had severe hip dysplasia that would require expensive bilateral hip replacement. The total estimate for Honey's surgery is $4800, which includes a very generous 20% discount from the clinic.

We're very pleased to say that Honey has already had one hip replaced and is recovering nicely with her foster mom Cat, who thinks Honey is just too smart for her own good sometimes. Honey easily figured out the contortions necessary to get around her e-collar and lick her incision. But in spite of her ingenuity, Honey is doing very well and is developing quite a special personality under the watchful care of her foster home. Honey's vets would like to proceed with the second hip replacement in approximately 6 months. This will give Honey enough time to recover and adjust to her first new hip while still giving plenty of time for an excellent prognosis.

In order for Honey to have both of her hips in working order, OSLF will need to raise another $2400 in the next few months. Honey is waiting to go to her forever home so please help us speed her on her way.


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Priss' Photo Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 6 Years
Diagnosis: Nasal Carcinoma
Treatment: Radiation Treatment
Estimate: $3500-3800
Amount Needed: Full Amount
Fund: Silver's Cause Service Dog

Priss came to me when I least expected - much less wanted - another dog. I had just lost my 10 year old Rottie, Gretta, to cancer exactly 1 week prior to Priss arriving with my daughter, Brandi. Brandi had heard about a rottie puppy that needed a home, and she knew how much I loved rotties. My mother-in-law was here visiting at the time, and as she watched Priss walk across the floor, she remarked: 'Well, look at Miss Priss there!'. The name stuck, and it has really suited her, as she lives up to her name. Priss loves people and other animals. I've always thought that she is convinced that anyone that comes to our house comes to see her - not us - and she is also convinced that everyone loves her.

I suffer from severe major depression, anxiety, and AADD. I never knew about 'Therapy Dogs' until I watched an episode of The Dog Whisperer. I began working with Priss, and she was a very quick learner. She loves to get and receive attention. She always has wanted to be right by me. When I believed that she was ready to pass the test, I submitted her application to the Service Animal Registry of America. Now, she is a registerd Therapy Dog. She has helped me so much, because I really enjoy being able to take her places. She seems to know that when I put her vest and ID badge on her, that she is 'going to work'. I have taken her in restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, malls, etc. Some people avoid us, others are very curious, and will ask me about her. One of the badges on her vest says 'Please ask to pet me - I'm friendly'. Mostly, people cannot believe that a Rottweiler can be a therapy dog. She is, and always has been the epitomy of what a Rottie can be if they are raised properly.

On October 17, 2007, I discovered a 'lump' on her head over her right eye. I took her to our vet — xrays were inconclusive, but did indicate that the bone could be involved, and Priss was referred to a specialist. I took Priss to Associated Veterinary Specialist - Dr. Todd Allen - where a biopsy was performed, and on November 19 I received the much dreaded call — Priss has nasal carcinoma, and it is a fast growing cancer. Dr. Allen's professional opinion is that Priss will need radiation therapy.

Priss is only 6 years old. She is still eating well, acting the same, and appears to be more concerned with me than with what is going on with her. Priss has an appointment with the Veterinary School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri on December 3. They will do a blood work-up, urinalysis, and a CT Scan. The next step will be radiation therapy - which is a 4 week process. For medical reasons I cannot be without her for 4 weeks, so I have to find some way to stay in Columbia while she is receiving her treatments. It has been difficult knowing what her diagnosis is. I believe that if I don't stay there while she is receiving treatment, that she will feel that I have abandoned her, and give up. Priss is so wonderful and loving, and is such a sweet girl. I have seen her with 1 week old kittens, and she would give them the most gentle 'kisses'.


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Timmy's Photo Breed: Shepherd mix
Age: 5 Years
Treatment: Total Left Hip Replacement
Estimate: $5623-6040
Amount Needed: $2037
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

At approximately 6 mo. of age, Timmy fell out the back of a pick-up truck and was left for dead. After wandering for several days with a fractured left front leg and shoulder Tim was found by someone from German Shepherd Rescue who took him to a vet for care. The leg and shoulder had to be removed due to the amount of time and damage since the initial injury. Tim was also abused by his owner and was afraid of all men. He was covered in fly bites to his face and ears, and silver covering his teeth from biting at a chain link fence.

Within weeks of the surgery that left him with three huge incisions that ran across his chest and left side, Tim was placed for adoption at a local PetSmart store. When I entered the store to purchase supplies for my cat, I saw this incredible ball of fuzz with three legs and huge sad brown eyes up for adoption. I told myself look away you don't need a dog and proceeded to get what I came in for. As I stood in the check out line I again looked at this puppy; he just wouldn't take his eyes off me. I sat my purchase down and reluctantly went over to him... That was all it took! He hopped over to me and as I knelt over to greet him he buried his nose under my hair and into my neck; he just couldn't get close enough. I looked at Jennifer (the foster mom) and said "I NEED THIS DOG, and he needs me".

It seemed forever that the investigation went on to approve me for Timmy's adoption. I needed to install a doggie door, put up a fence across my back yard, purchase standing food and water dishes, toys, and special orthopedic bedding... but after a week or so he came home. It was only a very short time before we found ourselves at the vet, being told Timmy needed to have a right hip replacement because of premature arthritis making it painful for him to get around. Timmy did well after his right hip replacement.

Now — after four years and countless consults, nuclear imaging, x-rays, exams, a custom orthotic brace for the right front leg, and extensive testing — we're told Tim needs his left hip replaced. He is in severe discomfort and is displaying difficulty in mobility.

Without the surgery Tim's pain will destroy any quality of life he has. With the hip replacement, and continued use of the orthotic brace, Tim is expected to have many happy comfortable years ahead of him.

This is an animal with a heart of Gold... he is loved by all the neighborhood children and adults alike. Tim is extremely stoic and tries to hide his pain but I am assured it will not be long before he can no longer get around to see the children off to school in the mornings and returning in the afternoon, he will no longer be able to play with my cat, Tippy, Tim's very best friend.

I am a single woman currently on Disability, due to an eye injury at work. I have been out of work for over 2 months and an end is not in sight. The financial burden of receiving 1/3 of my normal income and the cost of Timmy's impending surgery is more than I can afford. I contacted R.U.F.F., who pledged $300 (a limited, but much appreciated amount, toward) Timmy's surgery. I have developed a neighborhood charity for Tim, but the funds are only trickling in — it is mostly from the children in the area.

Tim and I are not ready to give up yet, and I vow I will do whatever I can to give Tim back the quality of life he deserves and the love he shows to everyone he meets every day.


Funds are in!

Jesse's Photo Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Age: 4-5 years old
Diagnosis: Torn ACL
Treatment: Surgical repair
Estimate: $800-1100
Amount Needed: $800
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group Fund

Jesse is an adult neutered male, estimated to be 4 years old. He was left to animal control after his owner died. Two dogs were found with the owner in the home.

Jesse stayed at animal control for over 2 weeks, but no other family or friends claimed him. Mississippi Valley German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Inc. pulled him from the shelter to give him a chance at a better life.

Jesse is good with other dogs. He enjoys going for walks, and won't leave your side. Jesse is a very sweet boy, who makes all kinds of funny noises when he wants attention. Jesse seems to love all people, kids, and even tolerates cats. All of MVGSDR's dogs are adopted as house pets — no outside runs, tie outs, or any outdoor permanent living arrangement is accepted.

Jesse needs knee surgery to repair his torn ACL. MVGSDR will make sure he gets his needed treatment. Jesse will need surgical repair — specific procedure will be determined after assessing the condition of his meniscus.


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Bella's Photo Breed: Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix
Age: 8 Months
Diagnosis: Bilateral Hip Dysplasia and Bilateral Medial Patellar Luxation
Treatment: Bilateral Total Hip Replacement
Estimate: $9800
Amount Needed: TBD
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Hi, My name is Bella. I'm an eight-month-old Australian Shepherd Cattle dog and Beagle mix puppy. When I was around five or six weeks old, some lady and her new puppy found me all alone in the middle of the road. I was very frightened and shivering. The lady who picked me up phoned Kelli at the Henry County Humane Society. Kelli informed this lady that there was no room at the shelter for me, and that I was too young to go there. Kelli asked this lady if she could "temporarily foster me." The family was a little reluctant to agree since they were already fostering another six-week-old puppy, but they didn't want to see anything happen to me so they said "okay."

The family thought that I walked a little funny and acted a little strange. They took me to the doctor to have my shots and wormer. The doctor looked me over and thought that my shoulder was sore from possible abuse, and told the family to just keep a good eye on me. When I was six months old, I was spayed and officially adoptable. "The family" was now "my family."

I was so happy to have a family to call my own, a mom, a dad, two sisters, and another puppy to play with. My family was still convinced that something was wrong with me; I slept a lot, walked a little funny and fell over when I ran. My doctor recommended that a specialist in Davenport, Iowa, see me. I had some tests and x-rays done and three hundred and fifty dollars later, I had a diagnosis. I was born with deformed bones, which gave me severe hip dysplasia on both sides; my knees both pop out of their sockets also [it's called luxating patella] and on top of it all my shoulders also "pop out" because my front legs are curved.

It was recommended for me to have total hip replacement and femoral head and neck excision. The doctors in Davenport referred me to Iowa State University to have my surgery. My surgery cost is estimated at $4,900 per side. My family does not have the money to finance my operation. Right now I am taking pain pills and just trying to take it easy. If there is anyone out there able to help me out I would be forever grateful to have the chance to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Thank you for listening to my story.


Funds are in!

Luther's Photo

Luther's story began when he was 6 months old running loose near his home. His luck ran out when he was struck by a car and critically injured. The owner could not pay for treatment, but the clinic did not want to put him down.

After a desperate search by the clinic staff for a rescue to step up, they were down to no options. Mississippi Valley German Shepherd Dog Rescue agreed to take him, not really knowing what the cost, or his future, would be. His fracture was very close to the growth plate.

Luther had a rough recovery with infection and pins slipping. The bills were looking endless. We did a media campaign and raised money for his second surgery. We began physical therapy in foster care. It seemed as though there was no turning back for Luther now. He started walking, then running. Pretty soon he was jumping.

Luther was with us from Christmas Eve 2006 until St. Paddy's Day 2007. People were afraid to adopt Luther not knowing what kind of future he had. I stopped citing the prognosis of a normal life because people needed to understand that anything can change the future in a matter of seconds, and we need to be able to deal with that possiblity. People who were too concerned with his leg were eliminated from his prospects.

Finally, Luther met a man who could see his real potential. They are very happy living and working together for the community, taking drugs off the street. We have video of Luther running now, and he is as fast as the wind. He loves to run still today — but he does not get into traffic anymore unless he is working. ;-)


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Bosco's Photo Breed: Great Dane/Labrador Mix
Age: 4-1/2 Years
Diagnosis: Partial Tear, Cruciate Ligament
Treatment: Traditional Repair
Estimate: $870
Amount Needed: $870
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Bosco was found on the highway as an abandoned puppy and was left with us to watch for a couple weeks 4-1/2 years ago. After a month of caring for him, we were told to take him to the pound since the person that left him with us could not care for him. We already had two dogs but could not part with Bosco.

As time went on, we noticed Bosco had allergies (constant drippy nose). At the time, the vet did not seem concerned. At 3 years of age, he had his regular vaccinations and had a terrible allergic reaction to the distemper shot, bringing on seizures. We have to treat him with phenobarbitol on a regular basis to control the seizures. He is also on a special diet to help control his allergies costing us about $50 every 3 weeks for his food.

My other two dogs have passed on now leaving Bosco an only dog. We take him on daily walks to the park and swimming in the creek. We noticed him limping and found he has a partial tear of the cranial cruciate ligament in this right rear leg, causing him great pain. We have already exceeded our veterinary expenses by a great deal and need your help.

Bosco is the most fun loving playful dog ever. He enjoys his regular walks and playdates with a neighbor dog in the country but his pain can be overwhelming. Neighborhood children stop at our home just to say 'hi' to Bosco and maybe throw his ball. He is a very popular boy in this small town.

My husband is the main breadwinner at our home making enough to barely make the regular bills. I substitute teach during the school year and take on any part time employment possible to pay for any extra expenses. I have a daughter in college and a son who is a junior in high school. I open my home to any child needing a place to be and would have to commute 20 miles one way to take on full time employment (meaning another vehicle as well).

Please help us to help Bosco, he is such a joy in our lives and the lives of others that know Bosco. His vet bills the last couple years have been overwhelming to us and we are just unable to do anymore major medical at this time.


Queenie's photoQueenie is a beautiful 14 month old German Shepherd. Her fate seemed sealed when she was dropped off at a shelter when she was only 6 months old. But Queenie had a little guardian angel watching over her that day and on that same afternoon she met Ken and Karen.

Ken and his fiancÚ were 'just looking' at the dogs. They weren't sure they were ready for another dog as they had just lost their senior dog Cody earlier in the year. But Ken fell in love with Queenie, and without so much as a second thought they adopted Queenie right then and there.

Ken describes his beautiful young dog as spirited, loving, loyal, and a survivor. Ken and Karen are also survivors. They both battled cancer and came out winners. But because of their cancers and their inability to work during their chemotherapy treatments, their bills piled up and they found themselves in trouble. Faced with bankruptcy, Ken refused to accept that end and instead, worked hard with their creditors to lower payments and make a start at getting their finances back in shape.

Meanwhile, they realized something was wrong with Queenie. She seemed to have a lot of problems with her back leg, so they had her examined by a vet. Queenie was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and surgery was recommended for her to be able to live a pain free normal life. Ken and Karen were given two options. An FHO or a THR. For a dog Queenie's size, the THR is the preferred choice but it is also much more expensive, carrying a price tag of $5500. But Ken was determined to get the best treatment for Queenie so he wrote to OSLF.

Included with Ken's application was a personal recommendation from the vet who examined Queenie. Dr. Kathryne Daniel wrote that she would highly recommend Ken for financial aid and that he is a wonderful owner and would do anything in his power to help Queenie. We were instantly moved by Ken and Karen's story of survival and they were accepted for funding assistance through OSLF. Ken's surgeon agreed to accept 50% of the total bill in order to go ahead with the surgery. CareCredit approved a $500 loan, but Ken still needed $2500 for the surgery. OSLF approved Ken for the additional amount and Queenie was able to have her surgery pretty quickly. Queenie is now recovering very well and is on her way to that pain free life that her very devoted owners had hoped for her.

Queenie's treatment bill still has an outstanding balance, and if you would like to help Ken pay that off please click on the PayPal button below. Ken has not asked for any additional help, in fact he has thanked us over and over again for helping Queenie but we would like to help out a bit more if we can.


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Koda's Photo Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 3 Years
Diagnosis: Torn Cruciate Ligament
Treatment: TPLO
Estimate: $3100 - 3500
Amount Needed: $1600
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Koda is the best dog. He is the most loving, gentle, baby. He means the world to me. He gives me so much reason to get up every morning. I have put him through two knee surgeries already and I can't afford this one. He hurt himself the first time just by playing in the backyard. The vet said that it was due to him being so big and turning too quickly. I was told that since he was so young, sooner or later the other leg would give out, and that time has come.

I am still paying off the first two surgeries. I couldn't imagine one day without him being there. It hurts me to see him have to wait to get this surgery done because I was right on top of the last two, but I have drained every last fund I had. He is too young to be laid up so frequently. This should be the last one he needs and then maybe he can finally start to enjoy his youth. He loves the outdoors, walks, the beach, the dog park, playing with his cousin Rocco, but these are all things he is now incapable of doing. You can read everything he is thinking through his eyes. That is how I know he feels how sad I am abut not being able to afford this. Please help me give Koda the life he deserves. He has already given me so much.


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Lexie's photoLexie is a 5.5 year old Great Dane whose story started out a bit sad but with a little help from a lot of people we're optimistic that Lexie will live happily ever after in a great new forever home.

Lexie was taken in by Great Creatures Rescue after her family decided that there just wasn't enough room in the house for her and the new baby. Lexie had been banished to the back yard but once Great Creatures were contacted they didn't hesitate to rescue her.

Upon her surrender, the rescue volunteers were told that Lexie was having some problems with her knees. After being examined by a vet it was determined that Lexie had been living with bilateral cruciate ligament ruptures. Dr. LeeAnn Blackford, who does some amazing work for the dogs in need, offered to do Lexie's knee surgery at a tremendous discount.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Blackford, OSLF was able to fully fund Lexie's first surgery, which took place on 3/19/07. The cost of that surgery was $1300 and OSLF is trying to raise another $1300 for Lexie's second surgery.

Bill Nugent from Great Creatures tells us that Lexie is doing great and is on her way to a full recovery on that first leg. But Lexie still needs surgery on her other knee so OSLF is hoping to get this big girl completely taken care of soon. Once Lexie's first leg is strong enough to support her, Dr. Blackford would like to proceed with the second surgery. But to do that we need to raise the necessary funds.


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Sky's Photo Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 1 Year
Diagnosis: Broken Hip
Treatment: Surgery
Estimate: $1200
Amount Needed: $500
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic Dog

My name is Lorraine and I have a 1 year old Pit mix named Sky. On April Fools day of this year, Sky was hit by a car. She was staying at my parents house for the day because I was at work. When I was called and told that my baby was missing, I thought it was a joke. For hours I thought I was going to go home and find that it was an April fool's joke. By midnight I realized it was no joke and I broke down crying, walking around calling her name.

I went home and made fliers immediately. The next day I called the Shelter where I got her and they said a lady called and said she found a dog in my neighborhood that was hurt. The lady turned out to be my mom's neighbor. We all cried when we saw Sky. She had numerous scrapes and a swollen eye. She could not stand up, but wagged her tail as soon as she saw me.

We took her to the vet immediately, and he could tell by the way she tried to walk that her hip or pelvis was broke. I knew that I didn't have the money, and was advised to think about euthanasia.

I could not think of killing Sky just because she had a broken hip. I called family members and friends to see if I could borrow the money. The vet said that I had to have at least $200 for a deposit — I didn't even have that much. I immediately went home and took what I could to the pawn shop. The next day I brought the vet the money, and Sky had successful surgery the next day. Two days later she came home, and within weeks began walking.

It's only been two months, and she is now running and playing like she used to do before the accident. There is now a new baby in the house that was born three weeks after her accident and Sky has become very protective of her, like she is with all of her family. Sky loves playing with balls, sticks, and chewing on anything given to her. Without Sky I don't know what I would do. She is the first dog that I've ever owned and has changed my life for the better.


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Roxy's Photo Breed: Rottweiller
Age: 5 Years
Diagnosis: Torn Cruciate Ligament
Treatment: TPLO - Earlier traditional failed
Estimate: $2895
Amount Needed: $1195 - Owner can contribute $1200 and has been approved for $500 CareCredit
Fund: Silver's Cause Service Dog

Roxy was born on May 15, 2002. It was evident early on that Roxy was special. She had a calmness and serenity in her actions and expressions. She still wiggled and howled like the other pups but she was just different.

Roxy was adopted by a couple who wanted a female Rottie to train as a therapy dog. I knew Roxy was the perfect dog for them and off she went with them when she was just 7 weeks old. Just before Roxy's first birthday, I got a call from the woman who had adopted her saying that they were going to have to give her up because she was too high strung and they couldn't control her. After a lengthy conversation the couple finally agreed to give Roxy back to me. She came back a complete mess. This beautiful young pup with the wonderful personality had not learned to walk on leash and the only command she knew was sit. She was out of control for the first month that she was back and it became evident that the man had been beating her as she was fearful of every man who came near her.

With a lot of love, patience and training Roxy returned to the gentle soul that she had started out being. I worked with her constantly and she became not only a wonderful companion but an excellent Service Dog as well. I rescued Roxy from the horrible people who were supposed to love her, and in return she saved me too. I have hearing loss and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which can bring on anxiety attacks. Roxy makes me feel safe when I'm out in the world and I would do anything to get her out of pain.

Roxy ruptured her ACL earlier this year and has already had one failed surgery. Her doctor wants her to have a TPLO but I can't afford to pay for the whole thing. The total cost of Roxy's surgery is $2895 and I have managed to save $1200 and secure another $500 through CareCredit but I need help to raise the rest of the funds so my wonderful companion can get on with life again. It hurts me deeply to see her in pain.

Please help Roxy get the surgery she so desperately needs so she can get back to being a dog and get back to her job as my Service Dog, which she dearly loves.


Funds are in!

Scooby's Photo Breed: Shar-Pei
Age: 3 years
Diagnosis: Injured Hip
Treatment: Femoral Head Ostectomy
Estimate: $1200
Amount Needed: $465
Fund: Shelter/Rescue Group

Scooby is a young Shar-Pei who may very likely be the victim of abuse. Unfortunately there's really no way of knowing for sure since little Scooby can't tell anybody what happened to him.

Scooby suffered trauma of "unknown origin and extent" while living with his previous owners. His symptoms worsened over time and these very uncaring people decided that they'd rather turn Scooby into a Philadelphia shelter than have to pay any money to have him fixed. Luckily, upon seeing how badly Scooby was injured, the shelter contacted Shar-Pei Rescue of Virginia.

Scooby was rescued and taken directly to Cherry Hill Animal Hospital where his injury was evaluated. They discovered that Scooby had a very nasty looking hip joint that had suffered a lot of damage. Mostly due to the fact that it was an old injury that hadn't been taken care of. Scooby had a lot of scar tissue that was holding his joint in the incorrect position. Because of the length of time that the injury had been left untreated, the only option for Scooby was a femoral head ostectomy. The scar tissue that had formed just wouldn't allow Scooby's hip to be repositioned properly.

The vets at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital worked quickly to get Scooby taken care of, something his previous owners had neglected to do. Scooby was able to have his surgery and has been given an excellent prognosis. Once he's fully recovered he will be ready for a great new forever home.

Because of the emergent need for Scooby's surgery, OSLF did not have time to do a fundraising campaign for him. But thanks to all of our very generous supporters, OSLF was able to provide full funding for Scooby from our General Fund.

In order to be able to keep helping dogs like Scooby, who are in critical situations, OSLF needs donations. We don't want to ever have to turn away any request for help, even if we don't have time to raise funds, so please help us help dogs just like Scooby and consider donating to the OSLF General Fund.


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Luke's Photo Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 5.5 years
Diagnosis: Spinal Stenosis & Disc Compression
Treatment: Laminectomy
Estimate: $3632 - $4432
Amount Needed: Approx. $2932 (owner can contribute $700)
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Luke's life started out a bit rough. This poor little guy was kept cooped up in a nasty, smelly garage where he was forced to live with several other dogs amidst piles of urine and feces. When the owner of the house died, the dogs were all rescued and luckily Luke, who was severely malnourished because of the neglect he suffered, found his way to the Martinez family. There he formed an instant bond with 5 year old Nathan. Nathan and Luke quickly became inseparable, and are the best of buddies.

Soon after being rescued, Luke suffered a minor seizure and was diagnosed with stress related epilepsy. Fortunately Luke's condition is not serious and he does not need medication for his seizures, which only occur about once every 3 to 4 months. But along with his epilepsy, Luke was also found to have some serious spinal problems. He has several areas of compression and stenosis, or a narrowing, of the lower end of his spine.

Initially, Luke's pain was kept under control with steroids and pain medications but his condition has worsened and now his only option for a pain free life is surgery. Not only is spinal surgery very risky but it's also very expensive and as much as the Martinez family would like to get Luke feeling better, they just cannot afford the high price of his surgery.

Luke's family describes him as fun loving and happy-go-lucky, not your ordinary Cocker Spaniel. He's one of a kind, they say, and they would like nothing more than to see him out of pain and running around with Nathan again.

Luke's surgeon has told us that he would like to do surgery within 4 weeks of the date of the myelogram in order for Luke to have the best prognosis possible. One week has already gone by so we only have 3 weeks left to raise the money needed for Luke's surgery. There's a little boy who really needs his buddy back so please help Luke get back on his feet.


Funds are in!

Frisbee's Photo Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 4.5 Years
Diagnosis: Ruptured Cruciate Ligament
Treatment: TPLO
Estimate: $3270
Amount Needed: $3000 (Owner can contribute $270)
Fund: Orthopedic Companion Pet

When I met my dog Abby 5 years ago, she actually saved my life, as I was extremely suicidal. I had recently moved back home to Maine from San Francisco and then went straight to Ground Zero with the Red Cross for October 2001. I slept that winter away, met Abby in the spring of 2002, and got Frisbee the following Christmas for a present to myself. One and a half years later my then-boyfriend fell off the wagon, came home drunk and tried to strangle me. Frisbee and I left that night and I was awarded custody of Abby in court four months later.

I love both my dogs, have always taken them for their annuals and run to the vet for anything else. Frisbee takes allergy shots and they are helping with his hot spots now after two years. I have only recently moved to VA and have a new veterinarian. However, I have two excellent references with Solomons Animal Clinic and Village Veterinary Clinic. I am a very good mother as both Solomons and Dr. Mike will attest to.

I have absolutely no money. I applied for food stamps and Medicaid on 10-May-07. I have appealed SSDI twice, I am now going for the hearing and I have an attorney helping. I have recently (beginning of May) run completely out of cash. For the past 6 years, I have been living on the equity in my house in Maine, 401k's, selling time-shares, closing every single account I had one at a time. I am out of accounts to close. I am in bankruptcy, both my houses are being foreclosed on (one was auctioned off 10-May-07) and my parents are helping me with my utilities and health insurance. I live in one of my sister's houses and she is upset about me not paying any rent since October 2006 even though I have been operating as a property manager for her on a very troubled property. I plan to apply for rent and utility assistance from the list of places the Social Services Department gave me.

I love both my dogs very, very much! They are my life.

My financial problems stem from being diagnosed with bipolar, PTSD, fibromyalgia and agoraphobia. I am not responding to the medications as my Dr and I would like; she would like to do ECT shock treatments on me. I am not so sure about that. I am actively working on getting my brain back from where ever it went, nevertheless, for now, I am a financial mess with only my dogs to keep me stable enough to get out of bed bright and early every morning as we have to go for our walks. Once out of bed they keep me out of bed, as they need to go in and out all day long. I do not mind, as I love them and will do anything for them.

Back to Frisbee, his knee appears to be getting worse rapidly and I am afraid if I cannot find funding soon this could be a giant mess for both Frisbee's knee and my head. Please help us. Please and thank you.

Frisbee has a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament and needs a TPLO surgical correction. The estimate is $3,270.


Funds are in!

Luigi's story has been featured in an article in the Ionia Sentinel-Standard. You can find a link to the article here.

Luigi's PhotoLuigi is a very cute 1 year old Italian Greyhound. One night, while Luigi's family was busy getting ready for a baseball game, Luigi slipped off of his lead and headed straight for the street. Like a lot of dogs, Luigi didn't really know that the street is a dangerous place and he was struck and dragged by an oncoming truck.

Luigi had very serious injuries and was rushed to Michigan State University where the vets were able to stabilize him and get his badly mangled leg into a protective cast. Luigi suffered massive soft tissue damage as well as having much of his skin pulled off from one of his front legs and shoulder. Along with the muscle, ligament and tendon damage that would need to heal, Luigi would need extensive skin grafts in order for his leg to be normal again.

The vets at MSU were optimistic about Luigi's chances of a full recovery, including full use of his injured leg. But the price tag for Luigi's treatment and recovery was going to be approximately $7000. Luigi's situation was critical and the family was being asked to make some decisions quickly. Luigi's family wanted desperately to make their little dog whole again so they began searching for funding assistance and found their way to OSLF.

MSU would not proceed with Luigi's treatment without a 50% deposit but the family had no way to provide the funds. OSLF stepped in and provided MSU with the necessary funds so that Luigi's time sensitive treatments could begin.

Luigi would need a series of surgeries to address his many injuries and to allow the skin grafts to be done. Luigi has now had several of his surgeries but is still facing several more. We hear that he is doing well and has even been given a temporary release from the hospital so that he can spend a long weekend at home, where he will get some much deserved TLC. Luigi has been such a trooper through everything and has stolen many hearts at MSU. One of his vets was even caught snoozing with him in his kennel.

OSLF is no longer fundraising for Luigi but if you would like to donate to our General Fund so that we can continue to help dogs just like him please click on the PayPal button below. We have several other dogs awaiting surgery who would like to be one of the lucky ones too, just like Luigi was.


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Zeus's PhotoZeus is a 3 year old male GSD that we, Mid-South Shepherd Rescue, rescued on April 16, 2007. We had him evaluated, and committed to his rescue before we actually 'met' him — no one informed us of his obvious orthopedic problems. We certainly would have taken him anyway, but would have been more prepared for what we would be facing.

Zues has the most amazing personality. He loves everyone he meets, and is very good with other animals as well.

We noticed immediately that he had a very severe limp on his left front leg, and to a much lesser degree on his right leg. Diagnostics and x-rays revealed bilateral Ununited Anconeal Process.

Our orthopedic specialist recommeded surgery on both elbows as soon as possible. He feels the right elbow is totally salvageable. The left is so severely damaged that it will never be 'normal', but surgery will alleviate Zeus' pain and allow him to have a good quality of life.

Mid-South Shepherd Rescue is a small, non-profit group with very little (sometimes no) outside funding. With quite a few other dogs in rescue incurring the usual 'vetting' expenses, and 2 other dogs needing non-orthopedic surgeries, we simply can not afford the $2000+ to repair Zeus' elbows.

Mid-South Shepherd Rescue is requesting $1796 for Zeus' surgery.


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Abbe's PhotoHere is a little history of how and why we have Abbe... In April of 2004 our 15 year old Newfoundland passed away. Our other dog, a beautiful black lab named Otis, was devastated and would mope around the yard. Exactly one week later a neighbor told us that someone on their daughter's soccer team had to give up their dog so my neighbor thought of us (and Otis). Quite the coincidence!!!

I went to meet Abbe and saw how playful she was. She was 1 and a half at the time. Her owner brought her over to see how she and Otis would get along. It could not have gone better. When her owner was ready to go Abbe wouldn't even go over to him and stayed right by Otis' side. They have been inseparable ever since. They sleep, play, eat together! They will even initiate play by getting one of their many toys and swing it in the face of the other dog to get the other's attention and to play! If Abbe is tired and doesn't want to play she will even hit him with her huge paws.

About 18 months ago, while at the vet, we found out that Abbe's right crutiate ligament was torn and she needed surgery. We were told it would be anywhere from $1000 to $2500. We had no idea where to get the money so I borrowed from my 401K through work. Now a year later, she needs the same surgery on her other leg. I have no where else to get the money to pay for the surgery but she's young enough to enjoy many more playful years and we want the best for her. Even though she is a large breed dog her hips are in good shape and she is extremely playful. We want her to be able to keep up with Otis, at least for another 3 or 4 years. By then Otis will hopefully have calmed down (wow, labs have a lot of energy!).

Anyway, I know that Abbe is not in a life threatening situation but she is in a life-changing situation. I just want her to get what she deserves.


Funds are in!

River's photoOne day, I was playing outside with another dog when I felt a sharp pain in my right rear leg. I yelped with pain and went to find my owner to show him I was hurt, but he didn't seem to care. He wouldn't even take me to the doctor.

My leg got worse and it hurt all the time. This lady came over to visit a friend and saw me hopping around on three legs. She loves animals and offered to take me to the doctor to see why I was limping; my owner said O.K.

After a while my owner said I could go live with my new lady friend. At my new home there are 2 dogs and 2 cats for me to play with, but a big girl like me can't get around very well on three legs (it's even hard to go to the bathroom). She took me to the doctor and he said I needed ACL surgery because my muscles weren't holding my knee in place like they should.

The surgery was very expensive, but the lady got financial help from a family member, animal organization, and made payments for the rest. After the surgery my leg still hurt and got very swollen. The doctor said it was o.k., but the lady didn't believe him. She took me to another doctor and he said I needed more surgery for the same thing. So, the lady used her charge card plus borrowed more money so I could have a second surgery. One time I had to stay overnight at the emergency clinic because the pain medicine I took was shredding my stomach lining. The lady had to borrow money again to pay the bill. She is very sad that I spend most of the day on the couch. Sometimes I lay there and whimper because my leg hurts. She wants me to run and play, go for walks, ride in the car, and fun with our other dogs and cats.

In spite of the vet bills that were accumulating she wouldn't give up on trying to get help for me. She found an animal hospital that specializes in orthopedic injuries. For many weeks we made the 1 1/2 hour drive for me to go for joint taps, x-rays and more medicines.

They say they can help me with a third and more sophisticated surgery, but it costs a whole lot of money. The lady asked for financial aid from a variety of animal places, but they were unable to help due to prior commitments. She's sad that animals might have to hurt because people don't have a lot of money. She cannot afford the surgery I desperately need and it hurts her heart to see me suffer. All the surgeries, doctor visits and medicines have put an extreme financial burden on her. She has even taken a loan on her retirement fund to pay my veterinary bills. All she wants is for me to have a long, happy and pain free life.

River needs surgery to stabilize the joint in her leg and treat her immune disease. She has significant swelling on her knee and her injured leg is showing signs of atrophy due to lack of use.


Toby's PhotoBreed: Brittany Spaniel
Diagnosis: Fractured leg
Treatment: Amputation
Estimate: $1087         Amount Needed: $1087
Fund: Companion Pet Orthopedic

Black Dog

Funds are in!

Black's PhotoPhil rescued Black dog from a Louisiana sawmill, while "B" was just a tiny puppy. Colorado state welcomed this warm-blooded, southern mutt with the biggest winter snow in twenty years. Black's confused face the first time he hit the snow was precious. He actually picked his paw up out of the snow and stared at it for a long while, as if to say "My gosh, what is wrong with this foot?"

Since then Black has become the ultimate snow dog. In his short life he has climbed 14,000-foot peaks, done multi-day backpacks, skied backcountry and even winter camped. The little guy can go everywhere, on his four-wheel drive.

About a month ago, "B" dislocated his left hip. Phil will never forget Black dog's sobbing on the way back from the hospital, trying to keep his body still so that his bone would stay in the socket. Phil twice made trips to the vet to reduce Black's hip, but thereafter could not afford to do more.

Orthodogs' Silver Lining answered the call for help. This foundation offers Black Dog and his person a chance to keep doing all the things they love to do together. Black's favorite part of every day is urging Phil to 'get with the program' and head out on their six-mile run.

Black's hip surgery will cost $3,900. He has been waiting several weeks. Phil and his friends are planning a dinner for Black Dog to help raise some of the money. But they also need your help! Thank you!


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Tiger's PhotoOn March 31st, a tiny, sweet 12 week old Shih Tzu was brought to an emergency clinic near Detroit, Michigan by his human family. The little guy's humans told the vet that the puppy hadn't been able to walk since he fell down the steps "a few days ago".

When the vet told the family that it would cost $100-$200 to do an exam and diagnostics, they decided not to bother and told the vet that they would just dump him at a shelter. Somewhat stunned, the vet encouraged them to at least let him go to rescue, but that she couldn't arrange that at midnight on a Saturday. Impatient and not wanting to be inconvenienced any further, the owners said no and left the clinic after the clock had turned March into April.

The vet contacted a local Shih Tzu rescue anyway on the hope that the family would reconsider and come back. That smart Shih Tzu-loving lady called and emailed all the area shelters to alert them that a 3 month old puppy, unable to use both of his front legs, might be dumped in their facilities.

Sure enough, a 12 week old Shih Tzu puppy that "was found as a stray" was surrendered to a shelter on the second of April. Not knowing that the shelter had already been warned about them, the "kind family" that dropped him off advised the shelter staff that this poor little stray puppy just doesn't seem to be able to use his front legs at all! When confronted with the truth, the "humans" admitted that, yes, they had taken him to the emergency clinic but they had only found him a few days ago. Yeah.--Right. They signed the pup over to the shelter.

Unable to take him in, the "Shih Tzu lady" called Animal Placement Bureau in Lansing, Michigan. APB assured her that they would do their best to take care of the little puppy. So from a shelter on the east coast of Michigan, the injured boy made the trip to the state's west coast. And just when we thought his little life couldn't get any worse? The volunteer that was driving him to us hit black ice and was in a roll over accident that totaled her car, put her in the hospital, and believe it or not, the poor, already battered puppy came out of it without a scratch!

He did make it to us though, and immediately the next morning (4/6), APB took him to a wonder vet at Ark Animal Hospital in Holland, Michigan. Dr. Wilson (the wonder vet) sent out the x-rays to a radiologist for consultation. Both of the little dog's front legs had the humeral condyles broken off. While the vets concluded that a genetic condition may have made the bones easier to fracture than in a normal puppy, his broken bones wouldn't have fractured on their own and were likely the result of abuse. Unfortunately, in the fast-growing puppy, the healing had begun and after being left untreated for so long-NOT in a good way. Surgery would have to be performed.

To make matters worse, on April 8, the pup became very, very sick and was diagnosed with Parvovirus. The surgery would obviously have to wait, on the hope that the injured puppy might survive the Parvo. Of course, had he been properly vaccinated by his careless owners, he probably wouldn't have caught this disease which can be deadly in puppies.

He was taken home by his caring foster care giver who kept close watch over him, dosed him with Tamiflu, administered subcutaneous fluids to make sure he didn't dehydrate and prayed, and the tough little Tiger SURVIVED!

Now that Tiger has recuperated, immediate surgery is a MUST! He's clearly feeling better as he has begun to use his head to pull himself along, but we need to make this tough little fellow whole again. Tiger's surgery is will be very, VERY expensive and far more than APB can afford for one single dog. Please help this little guy to get made whole and to have the long and happy life he deserves!

NOTE: Tiger won't be available for adoption from APB until he recovers from his surgery.

Letter of Appreciation From APB — April 24, 2007

All of us at OSLF were incredibly touched by the receipt of this kind letter. It's always wonderful to hear that we've had a hand in helping rescue dogs on their way to happy, healthier lives.

Dear Orthodogs' Silver Lining,

I don't think Ii can ever say thank you in enough ways to cover what OSLF has done for this little guy, and another one of our rescue's (www.apbpets.com) charges named Ernie (who's doing even better than we'd hoped he would), all because of you here at OSLF.

Without your help, I have no idea how (or even if) we'd have been able to find the resources to take care of these two wonderful little pups!

And the really cool part is that when you help one of our dogs get put back together, that means that the amount that we don't have to try and come up with is actually spent on helping multiple other dogs! By touching the lives of these two the way you have, I'm calculating that you have actually helped at least 20-25 other dogs in (or coming into) APB's foster network! I wonder if you folks ever stop and think about what you do for shelters and rescue in that way? So again:


  Animal Placement Bureau


Funds are in!

Bailey's PhotoBailey is one of the sweetest and most loveable dogs in the world. In December, while at work with my husband, he was attacked by a coyote and had bite wounds on him that got infected. We had to take him to the vet and they had to put tubes in.

Several weeks later he started having problems with his back, and we took him back to the vet for treatment. He was doing well until last week, and that is when we went to the vet and were told that surgery was needed.

We have spent almost $2,000 dollars on him since the first of the year, and it has tapped us out. If we do not do the surgery we have to put him to sleep and I do not want to do that.


Funds are in!

Shiloh's photoEvery so often a dog comes along that just touches you to the very soul. This poor little girl is one of those dogs.

When we first saw the photo of her injuries we were all horrified. Weeks before, little Shiloh — as her rescuers later named her — had been attacked by another dog. Her owner, for reasons known only to her, did not take her to the vet to treat her bite wounds. Instead, she wrapped this tiny puppy's leg in duct tape.

As the days went on Shiloh's leg became infected, the bacteria multiplied, and the leg became more swollen. The duct tape became so tight that it cut off circulation in Shiloh's leg. The hungry bacteria began to dissolve and eat away the tissue of her leg. Slowly, even the bones of her toes and feet melted away and all the while poor little Shiloh suffered in great pain and distress while her owner did nothing.

Shiloh's injury photoNobody knows for sure how long Shiloh had been enduring this torture, but she was discovered one day by the manager of the apartment complex where she had been left with a relative while her "owner" was out of town. The manager of the apartment complex called the police. The police contacted the local shelter and an Animal Control Officer seized the 10 week old puppy and brought her to a local emergency hospital. Here is a synopsis of what her doctors wrote over the last day and a half: "...taken by the ACO from the owners for neglect...a wound that was reported to be an old bite wound that was covered with duct tape...the left hind leg has a 360 degree strangulation wound...degloving injury 360 degrees around the hock...the metatarsal bones (foot bones) are exposed all phalanges (toe bones) are gone...severe necrotic infected wound...significant infection, swelling and pain associated with this injury...due to the pain associated with this injury no bandage could be applied to cover the wound...Shar Pei rescue was contacted...will determine the course of treatment and future of this pup tomorrow...estimated cost of surgery (amputation) $1500-1800...pet released by owners to ACO and to Shar Pei rescue...polaroid pictures have been taken...digital pictures are not always acceptable in court...at this time it does not appear that charges will be laid against the owners..."

She is currently in the loving care of Shar Pei Rescue of Virginia and the staff at Cherry Hill Animal Hospital have been taking great care of her. Shiloh has had a very rough start in life but things are looking up for her. Sadly she will have to go through life with only 3 legs because of the cruelty and neglect that she has suffered but we know with your help she will be well on her way to being a normal tripod in no time.

Shiloh's photo


Funds are in!

Ernie's story has been featured TWICE in articles in the Lansing State Journal. You can find a link to the articles here.

Ernie's PhotoErnie is a one year old kissy, cuddly, sweet poodle/cocker mix who has been taken in by the Animal Placement Bureau (APB) in Lansing, Michigan. He came to APB from a shelter that thought he may have been hit by a car but couldn't afford to send him to a vet for evaluation.

It was obvious to APB from the start that Ernie was a loving, gentle soul in a very young body that was clearly in a tremendous amount of pain — and he deserved a chance to have a full, pain-free life so, off to the vet he went! Unfortunately, once APB's vets got a good look at some of Ernie's X-Rays, it was determined that the little guy suffers from a genetic condition called Legg Perthes Disease.

Legg Perthes is a condition that cripples both dogs and humans by deteriorating the ball end of the femur bone where it fits into the hip socket. The disease is EXTREMELY painful and because of it, smart little Ernie has taught himself to walk balancing on his two front legs. For that reason, young Ernie's hind leg muscles have atrophied down to almost nothing and the longer he goes on like this, the more difficult it will be for him to regain use of them.

The good news is that in small dogs like this sweet young puppy, surgery and follow-up hydrotherapy can be done that will allow him to walk and have a relatively healthy, normal and most importantly, a pain-free life. The bad news: this surgery is very, VERY expensive. In spite of his intensely severe pain, Ernie has the temperament and patience of an angel and will make a wonderful, loving companion, providing that APB can provide for his surgery.

The quotes for the surgery were well above the normal cutoff that APB typically can afford to spend on a single dog, but it was clear that Ernie was special. So, APB came to OSLF and found a group of Angels waiting here! APB is incredibly grateful to OSLF who will cover the first half of Ernie's Femoral Head Ostectomy!!!

APB is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and has been hit hard since the beginning of the year with several dogs that have required extensive medical care and as a result still needs help in paying for the rest of Ernie's surgery. Ernie really needs your help!! Additional funds to support his surgery will help APB turn this sweet, cuddly, lovable and otherwise healthy boy into all that he can be!!


Funds are in!

Kloey's PhotoJust before my dog's three year birthday, the wind managed to blow the gate open to the fenced-in backyard. Kloey, a Shiba Inu, had the opportunity to explore the neighborhood, but also found her way to the freeway which was just a couple of short blocks away. She was hit by a car, but thankfully the person stopped to call a rescue shelter for help.

Kloey was examined by veterinarians and they determined she had 2 dislocated back legs, that had torn the joint's tendons. She had minor lacerations to her exterior, but the hip joints were unable to be manually manipulated from outside to put them back into place. Surgery was required on both joints.

Kloey has been my companion dog since I left the hospital from an automobile accident which left me permanently disabled, in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury. Kloey has been a very important part of my emotional healing process and we bonded immediately. Her significance in my life goes beyond just a dog, but a companion signifying my need for resilience in my life.

Kloey and Scott need another $880 to cover Kloey's emergency surgery bills. Click on the PayPal button below if you'd like to help Kloey and Scott. Donations of any amount are always welcome and greatly appreciated.


Funds are in!

Photo To ComeName: Luther
Breed: German Shepherd       Age: Puppy
Diagnosis: Broken leg
Estimate: $1700         Amount Needed: $800
Fund: Shelter and Rescue Group


Funds are in!

Photo To ComeName: Molly
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Diagnosis: Ehrlichiosis and IMHA
Estimate: $2069          Amount Needed: TBA
Fund: Silver's Cause Service Dogs


Funds are in!

Samson's story has been featured in an article in the Ocean County Observer. You can find a link to the article here.

Samson's photo Samson is an 8 month old Shar Pei puppy who had a rough start in life. Samson was bought by someone who wanted a show-quality dog. But it was evident when Samson arrived at his new home that there was something wrong.

Samson's new owner took him to a vet who gave an estimate to correct his deformities. The owner could not afford to have Samson's orthopedic concerns addressed, so he was placed in a shelter. Shar Pei Rescue of Virginia was contacted by the shelter, and the rescue group was told that the shelter would get Samson all fixed up. Shar Pei Rescue was thrilled, but two months later they saw Samson's picture on Petfinder.com, and realized his surgery had not been done. Poor Samson had once again been put out by the people who were supposed to take care of him.

Shar Pei Rescue of Virginia immediately arranged transportation for Samson and took over his care. They rushed him to a vet in New Jersey, whom they had worked with in the past, and were told that Samson's condition needed immediate attention. Samson underwent surgery that same week for a patellar luxation, and is currently doing well under the watchful care of the Shar Pei Rescue group. Samson will also need surgery on his other rear leg but this will not be done until it's clear that the first surgery was successful. Once Samson is all fixed up he'll be ready for adoption, and who could resist that beautiful wrinkled face?


Funds are in!

Dustie's photoDustie, this 6 year old Yellow Lab mix, came into the George's family when she was just 8 weeks old. She was the last puppy in a former neighbor's litter and Trevina and her husband wanted their son, who is now 9, to grow up with a great dog. And Dustie has been that and more.

She's a great companion for both of the George boys, ages 4 and 9, she loves to play with other dogs, even her sister Faith who tries to steal her bones, and most of all Dustie loves to squeak stuffed toys until they just can't squeak any more. And Dustie has a very unique talent. She can say hi to people in her very special doggie voice. Dustie's mom thinks she's quite the talker.

Like most dogs, Dustie likes to play and chase things but sadly she can't do that right now. Dustie has a torn cruciate ligament in her knee and it really hurts a lot so Dustie has to be pretty quiet until she can get all fixed up. Dustie needs TPLO to fix her knee but this is a very expensive surgery and her family can't afford to pay for it. Dustie's mom Trevina recently lost her job and that was after spending most of their savings on Felix their cat, who lost his battle with leukemia in November of last year. Dustie's family would do anything to help her get back on her feet but they need your help to do that. This beautiful and vibrant dog is greatly missed by two little boys who would like nothing more than to be able to run and play with her again.

Dustie's surgery will cost approximately $2900 and she's already been waiting several weeks for her surgery. Trevina's little boys have even pitched in and collected bottles and cans and managed to raise $20 to help pay for Dustie's surgery.


Funds are in!

Millie's Photo About 5 years ago I visited my local animal shelter and found Millie. She was one of 4 black Lab puppies, and when I saw her I knew I needed to have her. I immediately adopted her and she has been the most loveable dog since. If you were to meet Millie you would agree.

Millie is very sweet and loves to be cuddled with. Oftentimes if you are not petting or touching her she will let you know by nudging you with her nose. She is extremely friendly, not only to people but also to other dogs as well. Within the past year Millie has taken the role of surrogate mother to three other dogs, one that became an addition to the family and two that come to visit every now and then.

Almost 5 months ago, Millie was doing her motherly duties and watching the puppies play outside when she noticed one go down the hill from our backyard. Having taking to the mother role, she instantly went down to "catch" her. I began to follow the two down the hill and saw the Millie had fallen and slide down the hill. As soon as I got them both up the hill, I began to see that Millie was limping. At first I thought she was ok, but the then the limping continued for days, which I then knew she needed to be taken to the vet.

The veterinarian suggested that we go to see a specialist. The specialist then diagnosed her with a torn Crucial Ligament, which to my understanding is a very similar injury to a torn ACL of the knee. The surgery is estimated at about $4000.00. Since I am currently a full time student I am unable to afford the whole cost and Millie has had to suffer. As of now, Millie is restricted from playing with the other dogs, going on walks and car rides (which she loves), and does not have the ability to be active, which she desperately wants.

Through the wonderful efforts of OSLF and all those who help through support and donations, Millie will be able to get back to her happy, playful life in no time.


Funds are in!

Duece's story has been featured in an article in the L'Observateur. You can find a link to the article here.

Duece's photoThank you all so much, my heart is pounding with happiness, I never dreamed we would really be able to fix my boy.

Duece is a native of Hammond, Louisiana, and he now resides with us, his new family, which is his mom (me) his dad (my husband) and his little sisters (Heather, Hannah and Heaven whom are my daughters) -- they are 9, 7, and 4. He also has a big brother (my son). Duece loves them so much. Duece loves to come on camping trips with us.

Duece lived with his former owner in Hammond, who was diagnosed with cancer. About 8 months or so ago this gentleman commited suicide, leaving Duece alone and stranded along with 2 horses on 10 acers of land. He was alone living off the land for about 4 months. Someone told me about him so I tried with no avail to rescue him, driving 30 miles one way everyday for about a month until finally I got him. He was only 80 lbs. when he came home with us. He is now 110 lbs and climbing. He was a very depressed dog, but now he never stops smiling and wagging his tail. He is ill mannered because I never discipline him, but I can deal with that.

I took Duece to the vet when I got him home and he was diagnosed with being hit by a car as a pup. Duece would lie there in pain actually crying out -- it was heart wrenching. He now lives on pain killers to keep him happy. He has only use of 3 legs. He falls alot due to balance issues but we keep him babied. He is heartworm negative and on heartworm preventive. He is very healthy other than the new hip we need. I will send more as things progress. Thank you so much for all of your help OSLF.


Funds are in!

Maeby's photoTwo months ago, Grace was visiting San Diego from her native Los Angeles, and stopped by a Petco adoption fair. There, she saw a dog that had been found as a stray in Mexico, but was so sweet and friendly that an American rescuer brought her back to the states for the chance at a better life. Grace adopted her immediately, brought her back to LA, and gave her a sweet and sassy name that matched her personality: Maeby!

Two days later, Grace took Maeby to the vet for what she thought would be a routine physical. Instead, she found out horrifying news: Maeby had multiple pelvic fractures that have healed over abnormally, causing her pain in her lower spine, pelvis, and hips. In addition, Maeby has a torn ACL, which is creating difficulty when she tries to run and play, or get up on furniture.

Despite her chronic pain (she is on anti-inflammatories everyday) Maeby is incredibly happy! She is the bounciest, tail-waggiest dog ever. While many people urged Grace to give her back, she never considered that an option. Grace is sticking to the commitment she made to Maeby when she brought her home that day, and she says she "is so glad that my friends and wonderful people like OSLF are here to help me get through this."

Maeby needs TPLO surgery to repair the injury to her knee.


Funds are in!

Highway's photoJulie is a veterinary assistant at a clinic in central Texas where Animal Control took a beautiful Weimaraner male that was hit by a car. Because the dog was not claimed by an owner within 3 days, and he required immediate, emergency surgery, he was scheduled to be euthanized.

However, Julie recognized that this wonderful young dog deserved a better chance at life, so she adopted him, and submitted an application to OSLF for the dog she named "Highway". The surgery to fix Highway's leg will cost an estimated $1200, which Julie cannot afford. The clinic where Julie works agreed to go proceed with the surgery while Julie began fundraising efforts.

During Highway's first surgery, the vets also discovered that he had 3 fractures in his pelvis, which a previous xray did not reveal. He has undergone a second surgery to pin these fractures, and after a slow start, is now is on his way to a speedy recovery.


Funds are in!

Mary's PhotoMary, a beautiful mix Rottweiler, came to us via our daughter, who picked her from a litter of fuzzy black and brown pups. She grew up to be smart, resourceful and loyal. Our daughter became less and less available and responsible for Mary, so Mary became our companion dog through these turbulent years and many travels. My husband is 73 years old and I will soon be 63.

We were missing our daughter who chose a difficult and dangerous lifestyle, so Mary became our lifeline to her as well as our own pet. She loves and is loved by our grandchildren and family and always attracts comments and attention wherever we take her. She seems to know our feelings and responds in an appropriate way. She is also a deterrent to anyone who might try to enter the home uninvited, by her mere presence.

While we were away and our son was caring for Mary, she was just playing Frisbee, as she loved to do, and collapsed in sudden, sharp pain. She was coddled, given all sorts of home treatments for a day or so, but we soon discovered through the vet, that she had torn a ligament in her knee of her left back leg. The vet has said that it can be repaired, along with the removal of some arthritic deposits, but the prospect of paying for surgery was more than we could manage.

We have been informed that OSLF has agreed to take up Mary's cause, for which we are so very grateful. We have watched Mary grow up (she is now 7 years old) to become a member of the family and great companion to us all. She is so sweet, she even allows smaller dogs to share her bones and toys. She needs her leg repaired soon so she can get needed exercise again and romp as she loves to and needs to do.

Right now, she gets around on 3 legs, holding the bad leg off the ground. Her back is twisted as she tries to compensate. Can you picture an adorable, shiny black and brown, perfectly featured face, with tipped head and ears alert when you say, Ride? or Walk? She wants to do that again. Our dream is that Mary will again be able to enjoy our daughter one day and that she can enjoy her own life with us, without pain and use of all 4 legs.


Funds are in!

Zeus' photoZeus is in desperate need of TPLO knee surgery that costs $3,000 — far beyond what his owner Michelle can afford.

Five years ago, on her lunch break from the Florida pet store where she worked, Michelle responded to a "free puppy" ad. What she saw broke her heart. On the side of a filthy run-down house was a dirt clearing with at least two litters of five-week-old puppies, perhaps 20 of them, basically fending for themselves. All of them ran up and nipped at Michelle except for one, who just sat at her feet, staring and searching with his beautiful brown eyes. Michelle took him back to work, and they've been inseparable ever since. Zeus' exact breed is a mystery, except that he's part Rottweiler and part teddy bear.

A few months ago, Zeus injured his knee while playing in a stream. Zeus is otherwise a perfectly healthy dog, spunky and affectionate, and it's so sad to see him hobbled this way, unable to run and play the way he's used to.

Zeus' TPLO surgery requires a specialist, which means that they can't arrange payments, and would need to pay in full at the time of the operation. Michelle cannot afford Zeus' surgery fees.


Woody's story has been featured TWICE in articles in The Arizona Republic. You can find a link to the articles here.

All funds are in!

Woody's photoMeet Woody. He's a 23 month old GSD, and is Karen's new Service Dog. Karen has a seizure disorder and Woody's main function is to recognize and respond to the seizures. Karen also suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, so Woody's other duties include carrying objects and opening/closing doors for her.

Woody is a natural at his job. Though they have only been partners for a short time, Woody has saved Karen from serious harm many times already, in fact his first response to Karen's seizures came after they'd only been together for 5 days.

Overwhelmed by the recent loss of her previous Service Dog Amando, Karen was having more seizures then usual in these first few days. During one episode Karen woke to find herself draped over Woody's back. Woody hadn't even been in the same room with her when the seizure hit, but his response was so quick that he managed to save Karen from falling to the floor as she lost consciousness. Karen knew then that she had chosen the right dog to be her new partner.

Woody is a young and extremely competent partner, but he has developed severe allergies that are affecting his ability to perform his duties. Woody's allergies cause constant itching, and the tossing and turning to scratch prevents him from being alert enough to respond appropriately when Karen needs him. Woody will need treatment for his allergies for the rest of his life, but with allergy injections and special food and supplements, Woody will be the perfect Service Dog for Karen.

Disabled and on an extremely fixed income, Karen is unable to afford the long-term treatment Woody needs. This pair needs your help so that Woody can continue to perform as Karen's Service Dog.

At this time, OSLF is no longer fundraising for Woody — we have raised enough funds to meet the long-term medical needs associated with his allergy treatments. Any further donations received in his name will be directed to the Silver's Cause Service Dog Fund.

Case Update — January 26, 2007

As a result of the press interest that OSLF's fantastic PR volunteers generated in Arizona, Karen and Woody have already received over $18,000 in support! OSLF has received approximately $2,600 in donations specifically for Woody's medical care, and a local Lion's Club has received additional donations that will help pay for household and medical supplies for Karen. Local businesses have donated grooming and medical services.

The outpouring of support for Karen and Woody has been overwhelming, and we thank all of you for your very generous support.

Woody has received enough funding to support his medical care, but there are many other worthy dogs who still need your support. If you are visiting our website because you've been inspired by Woody's story, please consider supporting one of our other Pets In Need.

Thank you again for your generous support!


Rosco's story has been featured in an article in the Lake Oswego Review. You can find a link to the article here.

Funds are in!

Rosco's photoRosco is such a sweet and special dog. Alison and her husband Eric got Rosco at twelve weeks of age from an acquaintance who had been physically abusing him. Any time he was verbally scolded to correct behaviors, Rosco would cower. He needed a lot of love to feel safe again.

Rosco is now 3 years old and has been the best dog Alison and Eric have ever known. He loves to share the couch during TV time. He always wants to be in whatever room they're in, and he loves little children.

Going to the beach is Rosco's favorite activity. There he can run for miles, which he loves to do all day. Now, due to a severely ruptured disc in his spine, Rosco can barely stand or walk. He's already been in tremendous pain from this for over four weeks, but the steroidal anti-inflammatories help a bit. Alison thinks that Rosco has the sweetest face she's ever seen and it just makes her want to cry when he's not happy. He is such a joyful dog with many good years ahead of him once his surgery is done.

Rosco's spinal surgery will cost approximately $4200, and it is critical that he has his surgery as soon as possible. The longer Rosco waits, the more unpredictable the surgery and it's outcome will become.

Rosco's Case Update

All funds are in! After enduring two surgeries on his spine, Rosco is at home recovering. The latest word is that he was able to get up on his own without crying out, for the first time in months.

Rosco has been accepted for fundraising assistance by both OSLF and IMOM. You can visit Rosco's page on IMOM's website for more information on IMOM's efforts.

Thanks to each of you for your kind support!


Funds are in!

Magic's photoMagic has just turned 1 year old, and the first year of his life has been nothing short of miraculous and disastrous, all at the same time.

Magic was born with a condition known as megaesophagus. Magic's breeder scheduled him to be put down because he knew he wouldn't be able to sell this sickly puppy. While at the vet's office, a young family saw Magic and instantly fell in love with him. They spoke with the breeder about him, and insisted that he sell them this tiny puppy who was literally minutes away from being put to sleep. The breeder wasn't interested in selling him but gave the family the puppy free of charge. After months of loving care, Magic overcame his megaesophagus, and it seemed his life had definitely taken a turn for the better.

But being a very exuberant young dog, Magic jumped the fence in his yard and was hit by a car earlier this year. The accident caused several broken bones and severe damage to one of Magic's hip joints.

A trip to the emergency room left Magic with a pin in one of his legs as a temporary repair, but the rest of his injuries had to remain untreated because his family just could not afford the expensive surgery that Magic needed. They have been trying desperately to raise the money for Magic's surgery, which is estimated at $2500 - $3000. Magic needs an FHO to correct a left femoral head fracture, and plating for a right tibial fracture.

Over the last few months Magic's family have done their best to try and keep him comfortable, but this boy really needs to have his broken bones repaired so that he can get back to enjoying life the way all dogs should. This beautiful young dog needs your help to relieve the pain he has lived with every day for the last 4 months. Magic's family would do anything for him but they need your help to get him back on his feet.


Magic's Case Update

All funds are in! Magic had his initial surgery to remove a pin, at Cornell, which is a 700 mile roundtrip drive for Magic and his family. OSLF has pledged $1500 towards Magic's surgery, and we've also been working hard to help Magic's family cover their travel expenses to get him treated. Magic still needs to have his FHO surgery.

Thank you very much for your support!


Bruin's story has been featured in an article in the Hendersonville News. You can find a link to the article here.

Funds are in!

Bruin's photoVickie and Bruin are a very special pair. After the loss of her husband and mother, and enduring a 6 year wait on a kidney transplant list, Vickie found herself watching as life passed her by from the chair of her dialysis machine. Feeling ready to reach out again, Vickie found Bruin, a Rottweiler, known for being aloof and strong headed.

Vickie knew Bruin would be a challenge but she felt ready for it. With love, patience, training, and a mutual understanding, Bruin became not only Vickie's pet but her family, her confidant and her spiritual healer.

Bruin is Vickie's baby and she would very much like to give Bruin back everything that he has brought to Vickie's life. Bruin has bilateral ACL tears and is in need of TPLO surgery. The total estimate for both knees is $4255. Vickie is unable to pay for this surgery on her own and is asking for your help so that she can get Bruin back to being a dog again, instead of living each and every day in constant pain. She has been approved for a $500 CareCredit loan, but needs assistance for the remainder.

Bruin's Case Update

All funds are in! Bruin has had her first knee surgery, and is home getting the knee strong enough to support her during her second knee operation. Her second operation should take place during the month of August. Vickie has been posting regular updates on the Community Forum — stop in and lend your support!

Bruin has been accepted for fundraising assistance by both OSLF and IMOM. OSLF has pledged $1500 towards Bruin's second knee surgery. Vickie has been very active with her own fundraising efforts, and despite her difficult situation, has managed to raise approximately $200 so far. She has also been frequently posting updates on our Forum. Great job, Vickie! IMOM has pledged a total of $1755, which is earmarked for Bruin's first knee surgery. You can visit Bruin's page on IMOM's website for more information on IMOM's efforts.

Thank you for your generous support!


Funds are in!

Rocky's photoRocky is a 9-month-old miniature schnauzer who wiggled himself into his owner's hearts 3 months ago. He likes to spend his time playing with their other two dogs. To get extra attention, Rocky is known to take things like clothing, stuffed toys, and toilet rolls and run through the house with them.

Unfortunately, Rocky's world changed the night of October 9th. Rocky found a small hole in their fence and got out to run after a cat. He ran into the street and was hit.

Rocky suffered a dislocated left hip, needed his pelvis realigned, and broke his right back leg and femur. His owners were faced with the choice to either pay over $3,000 for surgery, or have him put down. It was heartbreaking and seemed unfair. They were wondering how to tell their children that they were going to have to put Rocky down, when they realized they couldn't put a price on life, and took a leap of faith.

The vet agreed to lower the surgery price to $2250, but Rocky's owners had to come up with $1000 before they would start. They were able to scrape together $500, IMOM was able to raise $450, and the clinic agreed to go ahead. The doctor thought the surgery could not wait any longer without facing complications.

Rocky had his first surgery on October 19th, to fix the dislocated hip and realign the pelvis. The surgery did not go as smoothly as expected, but a second surgery to place a pin in the fractured back leg and femur will hopefully be performed the morning of October 21st. Rocky is in a lot of pain but never whines or complains.

Rocky's owners still need $1300 to cover the remaining surgery fees. They have been dealing with financial hardship for a while, including lost jobs, lay-offs, and health problems. They faced bankruptcy, and were making progress on paying off outstanding debts and medical bills when Rocky's crises struck. They have stretched their budget as far as they can. Their son has even given his last $1.25 to help pay Rocky's surgery. They ask for help to fix Rocky, and give him back his wonderful life.


Thank you very much for your support!


Cinderella's story has been featured in an article in the Victorville Daily Press. You can find a link to the article here.

Sponsors Needed!

Cinderella's photoMelissa and her 3 children took Cinderella into their home when she was just 9 weeks old, as a tiny stray who wandered up to their house. She is now 13 months old and has become a wonderful addition to their family.

Melissa and her children didn't see little Cinderella escape from their yard through a hole in the fence, the day she ran into the street. When they realized she was missing and went to look for her, they saw her in the roadway.

They quickly called to Cinderella and, being the good dog that she is, Cinderalla came right away. Unfortunately, there was a car coming. With her small size, it was possible that the driver didn't even see her, but Cinderella was struck and the car kept going.

Melissa rushed Cinderella to the emergency vet, where they found that she had a fractured foreleg, femur, and dislocated hip. Cinderella's legs were set by the emergency room vet, but she still needs surgery to properly fix her fractured femur and her hip. Cinderella's surgeon has generously lowered the cost of the surgery from the usual $2000 to $1200.

A single mother of 3 children, Melissa has turned to OSLF for help for her little puppy girl. Melissa has already diligently raised half of the money on her own, but she still needs $600 to get Cinderella into surgery. Melissa and her children are just sick with worry for this little dog who is an important member of their family.

Thank you for your kind support!


Funds are in!

Ross's photoWe'd like you to meet Ross, who was just your typical Greyhound, up until about a week ago. Ross had spent a good part of his life racing his heart out for his owner, until he suffered a broken leg during his last race.

As is the typical fate of most racers, once they're injured or aren't winning anymore, their lives aren't highly valued. Almost immediately after Ross suffered his broken leg, his owner ordered his trainer to have Ross put to sleep.

Ross' trainer just couldn't do that to this magnificent dog, and contacted Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. (BAGA) in Tampa, FL. The rescue group offered to take Ross, but Ross' trainer knew she had to act fast to get him out of the kennel, where his owner might see that she hadn't carried out his wishes. Ross was quickly relocated by his very kind-hearted trainer, and taken to another kennel where he was allowed to spend the night and wait for the rescue group to come and get him.

Once in the hands of BAGA, Ross was evaluated by a vet who determined that the surgery to fix his leg would cost about $1400. This estimate includes a very generous 30% discount by the surgeon, who routinely works with this rescue group. BAGA has asked for our help in raising the $1400 for Ross' surgery.

OSLF has pledged $900, and though BAGA believes they will be able to contribute towards the remaining balance, we would like to offset their costs further by raising additional funds for Ross. This rescue group has a never-ending stream of retired and injured Greyhounds to deal with, so let's help them get Ross back on his feet and into a forever home.

Ross' leg is currently splinted while he awaits surgery, so we would love to be able to get him fixed up and relieve his pain as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your support!


Funds are in!

Buddy's photo Buddy is a 3 year old Golden Retriever mix who has had some very rough times lately. According to the vets who have examined him, Buddy has been blind his entire life. But that doesn't slow Buddy down. His foster mom says he quickly learned to follow the sound of her other dog's tags and learned the lay of the house pretty easily.

Sadly, Buddy came to his foster home after he'd been found tied to a pole, apparently abandoned by his previous owners. The woman who found him fell head over heals in love with Buddy, and has continued to foster him until a permanent home is found. Buddy loves to play on the beds and even likes a good romp with the household cat.

One day, Buddy leaped on to what he thought was the bed, where he heard the cat meowing. What Buddy didn't know was that the cat was sitting on the window sill. Buddy ended up jumping out a second story window, and broke several bones in one of his legs. The vets initially thought that amputation would be the only option, but Joe Maringo of SPARRO — the rescue group taking care of Buddy — fought hard to save Buddy's leg. During his meeting with the surgeon, Joe said that if the vet would only consider amputation, then he would take Buddy someplace else.

The surgeon was able to fix Buddy's leg with a few metal plates and screws, and a recent update gave us the news that Buddy is doing great and has been given the okay to start using his leg.

Thank you for your generous support!


Funds are in!

Max's photo Max is a very handsome and brave young dog. He was found wandering the streets of a Kentucky county, where he was picked up by a local shelter. Max was very malnourished and could not bear any weight on his left, rear leg.

The local shelter in Kentucky contacted another group and Max's care was transferred to Great Creatures Rescue, Inc., who dedicate themselves to rescuing and rehabilitating neglected and abandoned Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. After being examined by a vet who works closely with the rescue group, it was determined that Max had a grade 4 patellar luxation. This condition was causing Max great pain but he was not strong enough to undergo surgery at that time. Great Creatures Rescue and their vet had to get some weight on Max and make sure he was healthy enough to have his knee fixed.

Once Max was strong enough, there was still the issue of funds. The rescue group wanted desperately to help Max, but could not afford the surgery. They knew that Max would make somebody a great pet once he was all fixed up, so they turned to OSLF for assistance. The total cost of Max's surgery would have been $1000, but Dr. Blackford, the vet working with the rescue group, offered her services at a very generous 50% discount, allowing Max the opportunity to have his surgery much quicker than he would have been able to. Max is doing great and we just recently received the news that Max is using all 4 legs, probably for the first time in his short life.

Max's future looks bright but in order for OSLF to help more dogs in this same situation, we are asking for your help. OSLF needs funds in order to be able to provide this kind of quick and very costly assistance for dogs like Max. Please make a donation, and help us get more dogs like Max back on their feet and into their forever homes.

Thank you very much for your support!


Funds are in!

Jeannie's photo Jeannie had a pretty bad start in life. Like a lot of dogs, she was purchased by a very uncaring man whose only interest was breeding her. Poor Jeannie was kept in the back yard with minimal food and water, no shelter, and even worse — no love or attention of any kind from this horrible man. Jeannie was so miserable the neighbors could hear her howling and crying. She frequently escaped from her yard, desperately searching for a new home and a new owner who would love her.

Eventually some volunteers from a local rescue group, C.A.R.E., were told about Jeannie's plight. One of the volunteers had even come across Jeannie after one of her escapes, sleeping in the middle of the busy street on which she lived. The C.A.R.E. volunteers managed to speak with Jeannie's owner, and after some lengthy discussions were able to convince him to surrender Jeannie to them.

When Joanna first saw Jeannie, she thought she was a little red fox. Joanna agreed to foster Jeannie and fell instantly in love with the beautiful little dog. Joanna just couldn't part with her, and so now Jeannie has found her new home where she is loved, has plenty of food and water, and no longer has to spend her life trying to escape from horrible conditions.

Jeannie seemed to have it made, until a few weeks ago when she jumped out of the car returning from a play day, and badly injured her back leg. A trip to the vet revealed that Jeannie had patellar luxation and would require a surgery costing about $2000.

Joanna has managed to raise a few hundred dollars, but she really needs our help to get Jeannie's surgery and help her beloved companion get back on her feet and free from the constant pain that her condition causes her. Joanna tells Jeannie every day that there are a lot of people who care about her and are trying to help get her taken care of.

Jeannie found her second chance in life, and now we can help make sure she can enjoy life the way every dog should.

Thank you very much for your help!


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Gretta's photo Hi! My name is Guenther (aka G or Gunny). I'm 5 years old and they say I'm a Rottweiler, although my mom says I don't act like one. I like everyone. Isn't that what humans are for - to love? Dad tells me I'm a once-in-a-lifetime companion dog that will always have a special place in his heart.

Poor dad, he had spinal fusion surgery a while back and I don't think things turned out so good. He can't do things that we used to do together and he's always worried about paying the bills and if he'll ever be able to go back to work. Mom has back problems too and doesn't get around great either. And come to think of it, my sister Brenna has a bad knee and hips too. I used to be the only one in the family who didn't walk funny. Well until last Thursday when I hurt my knee jumping out of the car at the grocery store. Mom knew right away what it was because I hurt my other knee a while ago too. Back then mom and dad didn't have to worry about how to get me all fixed up. This time they didn't know how they were going to do it.

Then mom found this really neat place on the computer (she's on there all the time talking about us dogs) that said they might be able to help get my knee fixed so off we went to see Dr. Karin. She fixed me up the last time and she did a really great job. My knee doesn't bother me at all now.

I tried to be a big tough guy at the vet, like Rottweiler's are supposed to be, but I couldn't fool them for long. Dr. Karin confirmed what my mom already knew, that I needed another surgery so I could feel better.

It's really important that I get better because I have a really important job to do. I have to make sure dad smiles and laughs a lot because he can be so serious sometimes. I guess it's not easy being human and having so much to worry about. I think I like being a dog much better. I have the perfect life. Making mom and dad happy is the easiest job in the world and it's a lot of fun too. But they still seem pretty worried about things. I guess this place on the computer that my mom found (she called it OSLF) will help pay Dr. Karin for fixing me up. I think she likes me because she always takes great care of me. But I guess she needs a lot of money to make me all better and mom and dad just don't have it. The estimate for my surgery to repair my torn ligament is $912-1055.

Guenther's Fund Update

All funds are in! Guenther has had his surgery, and is home recuperating. If you have a moment, stop into the Community Forum and post your congratulations for Guenther and his family.

Thanks for your generous help!


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Bruin's photoLilly, a 1 year old Black Lab/Shar Pei mix, is one lucky girl. She had been turned into a county shelter but because she was limping, the shelter determined that she was not adoptable. Lilly was scheduled for euthanasia.

When Michelle with ResQ 4 Paws saw her, she knew that Lilly deserved a second chance and took her home that same day. Lilly is a happy go lucky girl whose whole body wriggles when she meets new people. She loves everybody and when she's happy she scrunches up her little wrinkled face. Lilly's foster mom thinks she's the cutest thing she's ever seen.

But Lilly has a long way to go before she can be adopted. Her limping is the result of a torn cruciate ligament and damaged meniscus. Lilly's surgery will cost about $820. Once she's all fixed up, Lilly will be ready to find her forever home (Lilly's page on PetFinders). ResQ 4 Paws is asking for your help to get this adorable little girl back on her feet and into a loving home.

Lilly's Fund Update

All funds are in! Lilly has had her surgery, and is at her foster mom's home recuperating. If you have a moment, stop into the Community Forum and post your congratulations for Lilly, and a pat on the back for her caring foster mom!

Thank you for your help!


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Bruin's photoDeborah and her family have shared their lives with Trixie for the last 4 years, after adopting her from a rescue group when she was just a year old. Shortly after Trixie became part of their family, Deborah suffered a serious and permanent injury that required spinal fusion surgery. Deborah was amazed at not only the emotional but also the physical support that Trixie offered her during Deborah's incredibly long and difficult recovery. Trixie stayed by her side to make sure Deborah wouldn't fall, and on the bad days she gave Deborah a reason to smile.

Trixie is such a special part of this family, and she has recently suffered an injury herself. Trixie has a torn ACL that requires a very expensive surgical repair. Her TPLO will cost roughly $3700, and Deborah and her family just don't have the money to pay for this themselves. They are heartbroken watching their once vibrant companion suffer in such pain.

There are so many things that Trixie used to do that she just can't manage now because of the pain from her knee injury. She used to run in circles of excitement when Deborah's son Tyler arrived home from school. She used to run up the stairs and jump on Tyler's bed with him at night. She used to bounce around like the happiest dog on earth. Now all she can manage is a tail wag, and she has to sleep downstairs because she can't get herself around very well anymore.

From the moment they met, Trixie and Deborah's son Tyler have been inseparable. Since her injury, Tyler just pets her head, gives her lots of kisses and tells Trixie every day, "We're going to get you all better girl.". This family adores this dog and have done everything they can to help Trixie get her bounce back. Let's get this gorgeous girl back on her feet.

Trixie's Fund Update

All funds are in! Thanks in large part to your generous support, Trixie has had her knee surgery, and is at home recovering with lots of help and love from her family. Visit the OSLF Community Forum by clicking on the link above, and read Deborah's updates on Trixie's recovery.

Thank you for your support!


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Kona's photoKona is an American Bulldog, not yet a year old, with severe hip dysplasia. Fortunately, at 10 months, she is still young enough to be a good candidate for triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) surgery.

At age 5 months, Kona was adopted from Agape Animal Rescue in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. All seemed to be going well for Kona and her new family, until Kona began to exhibit the symptoms of her degenerative disease. Unfortunately, the family who adopted Kona decided that they could not handle the costs and rehabilitation requirements for her corrective surgery. So she was surrendered back to Agape for the care she needed.

Kona is scheduled for her TPO surgery at the end of February. Please help Agape Animal Rescue raise the funds needed for this sweet girl's surgery.

Kona's Fund Update

All funds are in! Kona has had her surgery, and is recuperating so that she can find her forever home quickly.

Thank you for your kind support!


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Gretta's photo Gretta, a Giant Schnauzer, is an assistance dog partnered with Mark, who is a parapalegic. This pretty girl just turned 3 in November.

Gretta had a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) knee injury, and needed corrective surgery to be able to continue her work. At the end of January, she received her corrective surgery at the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine. They allowed a discount, and Mark was able to pay the $400 deposit, but the full cost of Gretta's surgery is more than Mark can provide at this time.

Mark has taken a semester off from school to spend time helping Gretta through her post-surgical rehab, so she's off to a very good start for recovery.

Gretta's Fund Update

All funds are in! Gretta has had her surgery, and is at home recuperating. If you have a moment, stop into the Community Forum and post your congratulations for Gretta and Mark.

Thank you for your help!


Jessie and Daisy's story have been featured in an article in the Chicago Daily Herald. You can find a link to the article here.

Funds are in !

Daisy's photo Daisy, a young female Yellow Lab, is currently awaiting bilateral knee surgery. Her surgery carries a cost of approximately $1800.

Daisy is an unfortunate victim of Hurricane Katrina, and she is currently being cared for by Fortunate Pooches and Lab Rescue in Palatine, Illinois.

With your help, Daisy has a chance at a normal life with a loving family. She is a playful, perfect Lab who is full of love and great with kids. Please help Daisy get her much needed surgery so she can get healthy and find a special place to call home.

Letter of Appreciation From FPLR — February 21, 2006

All of us at OSLF were incredibly touched by the receipt of this kind letter. It's truly wonderful to hear that we've had a hand in helping Jessie and Daisy on their way to happy, healthier lives.

Dear Amy and all our friends at Orthodogs' Silver Lining,

I am writing on behalf of Ileana Pullos and all the volunteers of Fortunate Pooches and Lab Rescue in Illinois. We are so grateful that you are helping us raise funds for our two injured Katrina dogs, Jessie and Daisy. I want you to know the remarkable chain of events your assistance, and in particular your news story in the Daily Herald, has set in motion.

Since your story appeared in the Daily Herald on February 16, we have received $1500 in donations for the two dogs! Daisy is scheduled to have her surgery on this Friday, February 24. We hope that Jessie will be able to have her surgery the next week.

Because of the news story, we had two families come forward and offer to foster the dogs during their post-surgery convalescence. We are always short on foster homes, so this has been a wonderful development.

Today a local television station came to interview me and one of the veterinarians at Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital (where Jessie and Daisy are being cared for) and to film Jessie and Daisy. We are hoping that Daisy and Jessie will become the ambassador dogs that will make people aware of our broader work saving homeless dogs, not only from Katrina, but from shelters throughout the Midwest.

None of this would have happened without your help. We can never thank you adequately. You will forever have an honored place on our website, and we will do all we can to raise awareness of your wonderful and generous work on behalf of injured animals, their care givers, and overburdened and financially depleted rescue groups such as ours.

I'm sorry that I don't know the correct way to post updates to your site. Ileana normally posts our news, but we wanted you to know about all these wonderful events that would never have happened without your help. Thank you and pooches smooches from our dogs!

  Fortunate Pooches and Lab Rescue

Daisy's Fund Update

All funds are in! Daisy has had her surgery, and has been adopted by a terrific new family. Congratulations Daisy!

Thank you so much for your help!


Funds are in!

Silas' photo Silas is a 10 month old Great Pyrenees mix who had the severe misfortune of being hit by a car. The driver who struck him just kept going, but a kind-hearted individual who witnessed the accident stopped to help Silas.

This good samaratin brought Silas to a local veterinarian who determined that his injuries, which included a severely shattered femur, were too extensive for corrective surgery. Amputation was the only viable option for Silas so the vet removed his badly damaged leg.

The vet who took care of Silas had this to say, "The only reason we were able to perform Silas' surgery is because Miss Alli's Rescue stepped up and backed him financially. Any support for Silas' medical bills would be helping a truly wonderful cause and a wonderful dog."

According to the vet, Silas is making a remarkable recovery. Once he's all healed he will be available for adoption through Miss Alli's Rescue, and ready to find his forever home.

Miss Alli's Rescue, which operates out of Portland, Tennessee, does not have enough available funds to cover Silas' bill so they have turned to OSLF for help. Please help support the very caring and compassionate people who gave Silas a second chance at life. Donations of any amount are always appreciated.

Silas' Case Update — March, 2006

All funds are in! Seems like Silas might be very lucky after all, because he has happily been adopted. OSLF pledged 65% of the total cost of Silas' treatment, and the adoption fees covered the remainder.

Thank you for your generous support!


Cuervo's photo Cuervo is Daniel Torres’ service dog, and has been Daniel's companion for many years. OSLF is working on Cuervo’s case with Canine Cancer Awareness.

Cuervo, an American Staffordshire Terrier, has been diagnosed with leukemia and nasal osteosarcoma, and recently had to undergo emergency surgery to minimize the nasal tumor to facilitate her breathing.

Cuervo is currently at home with Daniel, where he is helping her recover from her recent surgery. Her spirit remains strong and although weak from surgery, she continues to attempt to assist Daniel.

It is OSLF and CCA’s hope that, through our combined efforts, Daniel will find sponsors to donate funds so that he can afford the necessary treatments for his companion. Because of the urgency and severity of Cuervo's illness, Daniel and Cuervo will need continued sponsorship donations, in addition to what OSLF and CCA are able pledge from our emergency funds.

Cuervo's current medical bill is $2145, but she is just beginning her treatment, and will require ongoing veterinary care.

Cuervo's Case Update — February 19, 2006

It is with great sadness that we report Cuervo has lost her battle with cancer, and gone on to the rainbow bridge. Daniel expressed his gratitude to OSLF, CCA, and all of Cuervo's sponsors, whose generosity allowed him to keep Cuervo by his side a little longer.

Both the Los Angeles Times and a newspaper local to Daniel, the Claremont Courier, ran articles about Daniel and Cuervo's story. You can find links to the articles here, and read Daniel's words of thanks.


Funds are in!

Katie's photo Katie is a little, wee 5 month old poodle mix that was surrendered to animal control at the end of August with a broken front leg — she required emergency orthopedic surgery, done by a specialist. The rescue who is taking care of Katie has managed to raise $500 (Canadian) towards her surgery, but the total cost is about $1,500 (Canadian).

Katie's Fund Update

All funds are in! Katie has had her surgery, and is recovering well in her foster home, awaiting a forever mom or dad to find her and fall in love. Visit the OSLF Community Forum by clicking on the link above, to read Andrea's updates on Katie's recovery.

Thank you for your support!


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Oscar's photo Oscar is a 9 year old Australian Shepherd mix. Donna rescued Oscar when he was just 1 year old and he's been a wonderful companion ever since.

Oscar was diagnosed about a year ago with bilateral ACL ruptures but being retired and on a very limited and fixed income, Donna just could not afford surgery. Unfortunately the pain from Oscar's condition has severely incapacitated him and he spends most of his time lying down. Not exactly a great life for poor Oscar. His condition has also taken it's toll on his elbows, which are both severely inflamed and cause Oscar additional pain.

Oscar's vet feels that bilateral TPLO is the best option, but without the funds to have it done Donna believes that Oscar's only other option is to be euthanized, as she does not want to see her beautiful boy suffer any longer. The estimate for both surgeries is $3,600 and Donna has asked for our help to raise these funds.

Oscar's Fund Update

Oscar had his surgery at the beginning of December, and is at home recovering. You can read up on Oscar's progress by clicking on his Community Forum link above.

Thank you for your help!


Funds are in!

Cora's photo Cora is a 9 month lab pup who was first diagnosed with bilateral hip and elbow dysplasia, and OCD in her right shoulder, at 4 months. Due to the severity of the condition of her elbows and shoulder it was opted to operate on those joints first, as her hip dysplasia was diagnosed as mild.

Cora had surgery on both her elbows and shoulders in July, at a cost of $1,600. At a recent follow-up appointment, her surgeon recommended scheduling TPO surgery for both hips, due to their rapid degeneration. Cora's TPO surgery is scheduled to take place near the end of October.

Cora, even though still very young, has not had a good quality of life due to all the pain she has been suffering. She has trouble using stairs, and it hurts her to walk. Because of extraordinary circumstances and the financial burden of the first surgeries, Andrea - Cora's caregiver - is unable to afford the TPO, and can only contribute $500. Cora's surgeon has discounted his fees, but Cora needs sponsors willing to contribute to her surgery so that she can live a normal lab puppy life. The estimate for her TPO surgery, including follow-up costs, is $2,000.

 Cora's Fund Update

All funds are in! Cora's mom, Andrea, has been posting regular updates on our Community Forum. Please click on the link above to read about Cora's post-surgery recovery.

Thank you for all of your generous support!


Funds are in!

Rhett's photo Rhett is a 6 year old Rottweiler, who arrived at his family as a rescue in 2001. His owner, Kelly, is an active participant in animal rescue for her local area, and in addition to his human family, Rhett shares his home with three other rescued dogs.

Rhett has graduated several obedience courses, and has earned the privilege of adding TT to the end of his name by passing the United States Temperament Test. He received his AKC ILP in June of 2002, has begun an introduction to the sport of carting, and just plain enjoys life as a family member.

Sadly, in October 2004 Rhett partially tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament while playing in his fenced-in back yard with his housemate, Dalhia, a 2 year old rescued Rottie mix. Rhett was taken to his primary veterinarian and it was decided that it would be best to rest him and try various therapies to help heal the injury. Progress was made, but Rhett's condition seemed to decline each time a certain point in recovery was reached. Kelly tried various times to repeat the beginning steps of his rehabilitation, to no avail. Rhett went to a different vet on August 1, 2005 and was diagnosed with a fully torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Rhett must now have his ACL repaired. Kelly is presently a stay-at-home mother for her infant daughter, and her husband’s job is their only source of income. They have already tapped every option to get as far as they have in providing Rhett’s ongoing medical care. The estimate for Rhett's traditional surgery is $1297-1637.

The dog who came into Kelly's home as an underweight, dirty, undisciplined youngster has turned into a wonderful, adult, family companion. His family greatly appreciates any assistance we can provide. Rhett's Fund Update — September 25, 2005

All funds are in! Rhett has had his surgery, and is at home recuperating. Kelly has been posting regular updates on the Community Forum (see the link to Rhett's thread, above) -- if you have a moment, stop in and post your congratulations for Rhett and his family.

Thanks to each of you for your kind support!


Roman's photo Meet Roman, a six year old neutered male Rottweiler. He urgently needs surgery to remove one of the toes on his right rear paw. It is most likely cancerous, and time is of the essence if Roman is to be cured. He is undergoing surgery on August 11, in the hope that the cancer can be prevented from spreading.

The estimate for Roman's surgery is $900, and approximately $200 have already been raised by Roman's family. Roman lives with Jackie and her family, as well as two rescued Rottweilers — Rosie and Bella — and 2 cats. Jackie is a foster home provider for Ginger's Rottie Rescue in Las Vegas.

Roman's Case Update — April 29, 2006

Following Roman's surgery, Jackie received the difficult news that Roman's diagnosis was malignant melanoma. We were all very hopeful that the cancer had not spread beyond the initial lesion, but unfortunately that did not turn out to be the case.

We are very sad to report that Roman did not win his battle against cancer, and has gone on to the bridge. Jackie has posted an update on the Forum, giving a kind send-off for Roman, and we all send our sympathies to her and her family.


Funds are in!

Shane's photoMeet Shane, a 7 year old Lab who desperately needs your help. For nearly his entire life, Shane has been a service dog partnered with Lisa, who has MS and is in a wheelchair. They began training together when Shane was a mere 7 weeks old. Along with the physical tasks that he performs—picking up dropped items, delivering objects to people, turning off and on the lights, etc.—Shane has given Lisa the confidence she needs to be able to engage in life with her family. In her own words Lisa says, "I love him just as much as I love my kids."

Shane has been diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament and his knee problems are causing him constant pain. He also has considerable trouble getting to his feet after laying down. Needless to say, these circumstances also prevent him from performing his duties as a service dog, a situation which causes Shane a lot of stress, and impacts Lisa's life as well. Lisa looks at Shane not only as her best friend but as a very dear loved one, and she states, "He has done so much for me, and I want to return the favor; he needs me now." Shane is scheduled to retire in a few years, and Lisa would very much like to be able to give him the best and healthiest life possible, both now and in his retirement years.

In order to restore Shane's quality of life, his knee injury will require surgery -- a procedure with an estimated cost of $2121. This estimate includes some fairly large discounts offered by a very kind-hearted surgeon. Disabled and living on a very limited and fixed income, Lisa very much needs your help to come up with the money to pay for this surgery so that Shane can get back on his feet and back to the life that he loves.

Shane's Fund Update — August 1, 2005

The full amount was raised to enable Shane to undergo his first cruciate ligament repair, and he is at home getting that leg back in shape. Unfortunately, Shane has been diagnosed with a second ligament tear in the other knee, and so you may see him back on our Pets In Need page in the future.

Thanks to each of you for your kind support!


Funds are in!

Shayna's photoThis cutie-pie is Shayna, a 7 month old Rottie pup, who requires bilateral triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO) surgery to correct her hip dysplasia. She is apparently in a great deal of pain, and anti-inflammatories have been ineffective.

The estimate for Shayna's bilateral TPO is $1651 - $2062.

Shayna is owned by Lea, whose income is currently limited to Worker's Compensation checks which only pay 60 percent of her salary. Lea and her family can contribute up to 30 percent of the estimated cost of the surgery, but cannot afford the full amount.

Shayna's Fund Update — June 18, 2005

The funds have come in and Shayna has had her surgery! Shayna is at home now and getting lots of loving care from her mom.

This success story really was a group effort — Shayna received funding assistance not only from OSLF, but from IMOM as well. And Lea put an amazing amount of energy into fundraising for Shayna on her own.

Congratulations, Lea and Shayna!


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